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Cyber & Privacy Insurance Coverage

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and operations span international borders. This is why tech companies require specialized insurance.

Front Row specializes in insurance solutions to meet the needs of companies and we are excited to offer our expertise to the technology sector in Canada.

This coverage is necessary for:

  • App developers
  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Advertising Companies

The TECH policy is unique in that all sections of cover have been designed purely for the technology industry, providing seamless, tailored coverage for your needs.

Choose just one or all of the available coverages:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Third Party Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Tenants’ Legal Liability
  • Medical Expenses
  • Commercial Property
  • Business Interruption

Leaks of sensitive company material have made headlines in past months, prompting insurers to seek new solutions.

The Cyber & Privacy policy is designed to protect the critical data of any company from liability associated with e-mail and Internet use, breaches of data security, company losses resulting from system damage, data loss, computer crime and business interruption.

These types of losses can be caused by viruses, hackers, malicious employees and accidental damage.

Traditional policies have major gaps, protecting physical computers but not the data stored on them, and business interruption cover will not respond to outages caused by viruses or hackers.

General liability policies will not cover claims for intellectual property rights infringement, defamation, or privacy violations. Cyber & Privacy provides broad cover for a wide variety of risks resulting from the use of technology for business operations.

Insurance for Technology Companies

All sections of cover have been designed specifically for the technology industry, providing seamless cover.

Software can be both a service and a product, so our Product Liability and E&O insurance has been customized to avoid any gaps in cover.

Business Interruption cover addresses project delivery failure, delayed milestone payments and disruption to research and development activities.

Rather than using standard definitions of ‘technology services’ which can dramatically reduce cover, we let the technology company define their business and activities to be covered.


Most E&O claims against technology companies are for breach of contract, so it is vital that this wording is clear and specialized.

Choose from any of the following coverages:

Errors and Omission

  • Professional Liability
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Breach of Contract
  • Intellectual Property

Rights Infringement

  • Loss of Documents
  • Computer Virus and Hacking Attack
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Payment of Withheld Fees


  • Employee Benefits
  • Third Party Liability
  • Products & Completed Ops
  • Tenant’s Legal
  • Non-Owned & Hired Auto
  • Medical Expenses


  1. Sewer Back-Up included
  2. Earthquake & Flood available
  3. Limits of liability available up to $10,000,000
  4. Premiums starting at $500

For a quote, simply contact Front Row.


We will normally provide quotes within 48 hours.


  • Full civil liability coverage, not just negligence.
  • Specific cover for breach of intellectual property rights.
  • Virus and hacking liability cover.
  • Payment of fees withheld by an aggrieved client if this mitigates a potentially larger claim.
  • Reimbursement of costs incurred to help reduce or avoid a claim.
  • No exclusions for fines and penalties, project delays, third party defects or bugs post acceptance.

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