Hack Insurance: It's not just for big businesses

Posted by Meghan Stickney on Jul 27, 2018 3:47:05 PM

Worried about a cyber attack? Here’s what you need to know.

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Hack Insurance

There’s been a lot of buzz in the news lately about cyber attacks on big banks and corporations. Cyber attacks are a topic of concern not only for big businesses, and their customers, but also for the many small and mid sized businesses that make up the fabric of our economy in Canada.

In fact, 43% of all cyber attacks happen against small businesses, which means more Canadian consumers are at risk now than ever for having their security compromised by hackers. Also, because small businesses tend to allocate less budget and resources to privacy and security systems, they are the ideal target for hackers.

Computer - cyber hack insuranceSo, where does this leave your business? Well, for starters, you’ll want to ensure you’re protected against the costs and risks associated with a possible cyber attack. Front Row has recently launched an online Hack Insurance product to address this exact need. You can obtain coverage online starting at $300. And, like all of Front Row’s online products, you’ll be fully insured within a couple of minutes with no need for any meetings, paperwork, or hassle.

To help guard against the risk of a cyber attack:

  • Developing a password strategy: Using the same password across multiple devices and accounts is the easiest way to compromise security. Once a hacker gets their hands on a password, they can easily use it to compromise employee information as well as customer data, turning a single password breach into millions of dollars in damage.
  • Avoiding collecting or storing payment information: Outsource payment processing and avoid collecting customer payment information such as credit card info on your own. Dedicated security staff have the resources and tools to protect data better than you can.
  • Educating your employees: It might seem like common sense, but it’s not always. Develop a written policy about security and privacy and make sure employees are on board and understand their responsibility to protect any confidential data. No business is “too small” for a hacker - the better prepared you are, the less at risk you are.
  • And, of course, purchasing hack insurance: 90% of small businesses do not currently have cyber insurance. You need to know that your business will be protected against any security breaches. Our new product provides this protection. You can get insured online in a couple of minutes by clicking here.

If you’re looking for tips or advice on Hack Insurance, or any other insurance needs, our team is always available to chat! You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or give us a call.

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