Salon Owners: Don’t Let Ransomware Destroy Your Business. Get Insured.

Posted by Grant Patten on Jul 29, 2020 7:49:43 AM


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Don’t think a cyber hack could happen to your hair/nail/tanning salon business? Well, think again!

Cybercriminals often target beauty salons with ransomware specifically because they know that these businesses are not necessarily so tech-savvy, and are often running their operations on outdated computer systems.

Just look at the below real-life examples of beauty salon hacks to see how real this threat is:

2019 hair salon ransomware attack

In 2019, a hair salon was hacked with ransomware. Their database containing personal information on ~8,000 clients was encrypted with the ransomware, as well as their scheduling system.

The salon then had to scramble to inform their clients about the hack. They posted this on their Facebook page:

Salon Facebook page note / cyber insurance CanadaSource:

Cyber risk insurance would cover the cost of a forensic investigation to assess the impact of the attack. It also includes business interruption coverage to cover lost income and related costs when unable to operate due to a cyber event or data loss.

2016 beauty salon ransomware attack

In 2016, a beauty salon experienced a cyber hack, also in the form of ransomware. Employees arriving to work one day tried switching on their computers but instead of booting up properly, their screens were locked, displaying a ransom note.

Salon ransom note / cyber insurance CanadaSource: | ITV West Country

Losing their data severely affected their business: the salon did not know who had appointments, nor could it call them because that data was encrypted, too.

The hackers were demanding a ransom of $2,700 to unlock the computers. Desperate, the salon decided to pay the ransom.

Cyber liability insurance includes extortion & ransomware coverage for costs associated with payments to those who threaten to disclose sensitive information. It also includes business interruption coverage to cover lost income and related costs when unable to operate due to a cyber event or data loss.

2015 hair salon ransomware attack

In 2015, another salon was hacked, again with ransomware. The hackers had locked the salon owner out of his own database; he couldn’t access appointment books for his two salons.

The hackers demanded a ransom of $1,500. The owner could not run his business without access to his computer files, so he went ahead and paid the ransom.

The owner was able to convince the IT firm in charge of his salon’s computer systems to pay the ransom. However, if he had cyber insurance in place, he wouldn’t have to hope that another firm would cover him – the cost of a ransomware hack would be covered by the insurance.


Cyber hack insurance for hair/nail/tanning salons is designed to protect against losses associated with data breaches and hacks. After a hack, there are costs you will incur, including (but not limited to):

  • paying to restore or recover the stolen data
  • paying for crisis communications and PR services related to the hack
  • paying to conduct an investigation to determine what happened
  • losing money from business interruption


Cyber hack insurance can help with expenses associated with managing a hack, such as incident response and data recovery expenses.

If you’re a hair/nail/tanning salon owner or representative, you likely use computers often to facilitate communication with clients. You may also hold accounting and client information on your computer(s) and/or server(s).

Protect your data and your clients' data. Front Row's cyber insurance policy is available online in 5 minutes; premiums start at $300 CAD. Platinum coverage is $800 CAD. (Prices subject to change) Up to $1,000,000 of protection is available.

90% of small businesses in Canada do not have cyber insurance: take a few minutes to protect your hair/nail/tanning salon business that has taken you so long to establish.

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