Harrison ford and film production cast insurance

Posted by David Hamilton on May 20, 2015 10:24:00 AM

Harrison Ford and film production insurance. These terms go together like peanut butter and nuclear warfare.

Han Solo is at it again. After being injured on
film production the set of STAR WARS, Ford- in an attempt
to do his best Buddy Holly impression-was 
injured in a minor plane crash. While flying
his vintage plane he experienced engine
trouble and crashed on a Venice California
gold course. Hopefully next time he'll have
the decency to yell "FORE" before impact.
How will his future film projects be affected?
One thing's for sure, the insurance industry
is taking note.

It has already been reported that insurance carriers associated with Ford’s future film projects may put it in writing that he is forbidden to fly recreationally so long as they carry the film production insurance on his movies. Cast Insurance Coverage reimburses the production company for any extra expense or cost necessary to complete the principle photography of a covered production due to the death, injury or sickness of any covered performer or director. However, most film insurance policies have exclusion under the Cast Coverage for any covered cast member taking part in flying other than as a passenger. 

It is very important for a production to obtain detail on their artist outside interests when signing them onto a project as these type of policy exclusions can become very expensive issues down the line. LLOYDS OF LONDON might be inclined to write a policy that would protect him even if he were to fly during production; however, the premiums would above and beyond the cost of the primary film insurance package. It looks like if Ford wants productions insurance he may have to stick to flying the Millennium Falcon on set. Don't fly, Harrison! Don't Fly!

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