Bears and Film Insurance: What to Ask?

Posted by David Hamilton on Dec 8, 2011 10:26:00 AM

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Bears are frequently used in film productions shot in the Pacific Northwest. The risks associated with filming a bear can be transferred to an insurance company once the underwriter understands how the public, cast, crew, equipment and the  bear will be protected.
The underwriter will need answers to the following questions to underwrite and cover the risk:
  1. Current Bear Vet exam certificates. What is the value of the bear to the owner if the bear were to die? Usually the figure is  based on three years revenue that the bear has earned.
  2. How will the bear get from their pen/corral to their position on set in the electrified fenced area? How will the cast and crew be protected during this transit?
  3. Where will the bear be on set when not filming? During this time, how will cast/crew/public be protected?
  4. When bear is on set and filming, what do they do to protect public/cast/crew from bear?
  5. Please confirm cast not in direct contact with the bear. Will the cast always be on one side of the electrified fence and the bear on the other?
  6. Please provide shooting schedule with the bear.
  7. Please forward storyboards of bear scenes when available.
  8. Given the time of year, are there any issues resulting from the bear normally hibernating during this time of year?
  9. Details of housing and transit of the bears from the permanent home.
  10. The main corral  structure to house the bear – is this a permanent structure? What will it be constructed of?  How high will the fence be?
  11. Will the bears be housed over night at the corral?
  12. What type of security will be in place?
  13. Will there be 24 hour attendants for the bear?
  14. How will the bears be shipped to the set from out of town?
  15. How are the protected during shipping?

As specialized film insurance brokers we can assist with obtaining this coverage.

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