Cancellation Insurance For Bands: Make Sure Your Tour Is Insured

Posted by Steve Beatty on Jul 28, 2015 1:55:00 PM

CANCELLATION INSURANCE FOR BANDSContingency, Cancellation & Non-AppearancE FOR BANDS

A lot of unexpected things can and do happen when you are on the road. Musicians can become ill or have an accident, equipment can be damaged or stolen or you can experience unavoidable travel delays when another volcano blows it top or Mother Nature has a bad day. Whatever the cause, you want to think about the financial implications if unexpected circumstances lead to the cancellation, interruption, delay, or postponement of your show.

The coverage offered by insurance companies varies and I’ve decided not to get too detailed here, but the key is to think about the things that can prevent you from performing as scheduled. Using a Broker who is well-versed in this area is invaluable to generating meaningful conversation around the risks you face.

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