Film Production Insurance and Trains: Stay on Track

Posted by David Hamilton on Feb 14, 2010 4:31:00 PM



The film production company should always advise their film insurance broker well in advance of the anticipated use of any railway cars or equipment. You should never sign a contract with respect to use of trains without first having your entertainment insurance broker review the document.

If the train is being used as a prop/set and is not in motion, then damage to the train itself would be provided under Props/Sets/Wardrobe coverage. If the train is in motion a sublimit would be in effect for physical damage to the train.

Liability coverage is provided under a Commercial General Liability policy. If you are required to indemnify the train owner, then specific coverage arrangements must be made prior to the use of the train. In order to provide a quote/coverage for Railway Cars and Equipment, please forward answers to the following:

Railroad Questionnaire

Please provide:

  1. A copy of the railroads contractual agreement
  2. Description of scenes involving railroad equipment
  3. Dates equipment used
  4. Locations of equipment:
    1. Where is equipment stored?
    2. Where is equipment moved to? Exact street address.
    3. Where is equipment returned after use is over?
  5. Type of equipment used? Please list.
  6. Activities the production company has with the equipment.
  7. How many people will be "on board"?
  8. Distances and speed of equipment
  9. Any stunts? Please list. Please complete a stunt questionnaire.
  10. Will main line tracks be used during filming days?
  11. Please advise how the cast, crew, equipment and public will be protected during filming.

The same advice will apply no matter if you are shooting a feature film, TV series, documentary or a short film. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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