Event Cancellation Insurance

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Event Cancellation Insurance is purchased for one off events as a protection against loss of revenue or extra expenses that result from uncontrollable circumstances such as unforeseen weather conditions, power failure, terrorism, cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation of an event.

This type of insurance can also cover public liability, such as a serious injury to one of your patrons, if property is damaged, there is theft of expensive equipment or if you face a claim for actual or alleged bodily injury, and it is found to be your fault.


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Event preparation can take years of planning, and with businesses incurring multiple expenses on the lead up to the event, most can not afford the costs associated with postponement, cancellation or relocation of an event. An organization’s physical assets impact the functionality of a business, therefore with risks to the bottom line being substantial, event cancellation insurance is needed to protect against the loss of costs, expenses or revenues associated with this exposure.


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Who needs it? 

Event coordinators responsible for special events such as film shoots, concerts, trade shows & exhibitions, entertainment & sporting events, corporate events such as product launches, and conventions to name just a few. Circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, civil, social and political unrest, strikes by employees at the venues to non appearance of key personnel are all coverages that can be purchased.

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