Wedding Ring Insurance: Now Available Online in 5 minutes

Posted by David Hamilton on Dec 13, 2017 3:06:36 PM

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When creating your wedding budget don’t forget to allow for wedding ring insurance on your big day.

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Imagine: you ask the best man to look after the $5,000 wedding ring on the day of the wedding. He decides to cut through the field between the parking lot and the banquet hall and casually throws his blazer over his should with the ring in the pocket. Standing at the front of the hall he watches the bride come down the aisle and takes this opportunity to check his pocket for the ring. No ring. Bad enough he has lost the ring for the ceremony but now who pays for the replacement?

This risk can be transferred to insurance. In fact, the whole wedding can be insured for $205 and will include loss or damage to the: ring, wedding attire, gifts, flowers, damage to the venue, injury to your guests, vendor no show and more.

The average cost of a wedding is $30,150: your wedding insurance cost through our online site should be less than 1% of the average wedding budget.

Your rings can be insured with one click if you know the replacement cost. Get a no obligation quote here in two minutes by answering 11 click questions.

If your guest slips on the dance floor and tears their ligaments, you could be held responsible

If you cannot afford to pay for the damages and losses that could occur at your wedding – this is when you should buy insurance to transfer these risks.

Our online wedding event insurance policy is available in all provinces in Canada.

All rented equipment can be covered for replacement cost for: theft, damage and fire.

· Wedding insurance cost starting at $105

· Up to $5,000,000 in wedding liability insurance to cover damage to the wedding venue and injury to guests and vendor staff. Will also cover lawyer costs.

· Unlimited Additional Insured certificates for your wedding venue and vendors at no additional cost.

"We wanted to make the insurance process easier, faster and cheaper to insure wedding rings, gifts and wedding dresses on the big day” said David Hamilton, President + CEO of Front Row “Because there is no need to speak to a broker and an insurance company underwriter is not involved, the cost to provide online wedding ring insurance is much less and we have reduced the wedding insurance cost and passed the savings onto the person buying the insurance for the wedding. Although the policy is online, we are still available to answer questions by: chatbot, e mail or over the phone if required.”

Wedding event insurance is a specialty of Front Row. We make it easy to protect your special day – at a cost that could be less than two bouquets of flowers. A thought worth inhaling.

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