Musicians, PROTECT your music studio with cyber insurance

Posted by Grant Patten on Jul 6, 2020 8:37:49 AM

Musicians, PROTECT your music studio with cyber insurance from Front Row!

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Don’t think a cyber hack could happen to your music studio? Well, think again! As you gain popularity as a musician/music studio, more hackers become aware that you exist, so you can become even more of a target compared to the average business.

A policy to protect you is available online in five minutes, starting at just $300 CAD.

Just look at the below real-life examples of music studio hacks to see how real this threat is:

Teen hacked musicians’ websites and servers (2019)

In 2019, a teenager was arrested for hacking into various musicians’ websites and cloud-based servers, stealing unreleased music files and then peddling the recordings for cryptocurrency. This sort of cyber crime causes potentially significant financial losses to the musicians who produce, write and make music, only to have their music released without compensation.

With cyber insurance, the included theft and fraud coverage would cover destruction or loss of digital data resulting from a criminal cyber event.

Unreleased Radiohead material hack (2019)

Also in 2019, rock band Radiohead was hacked and unreleased tracks recorded around the time of their acclaimed OK Computer (1997) album were stolen. The hacker demanded $150,000 in ransom from Radiohead not to release the recordings. Instead of paying this ransom, Radiohead just went ahead and made the recordings available online to stream or purchase for about 20 pounds.

Although Radiohead was still able to raise some money releasing the music files earlier than expected, the band likely would have made more if the hack hadn’t occurred in the first place and they had released on their own terms. Moreover, a major band such as Radiohead may be able to absorb a loss such as this, but for less established artists, a hack can be a major financial hit.

Cyber risk insurance includes coverage for business interruption (lost income). The insurance will also cover payments to those who threaten to obtain and disclose sensitive information.

Hack of unreleased Michael Jackson tracks (2013)

In 2013, two men admitted to hacking into Sony Music's servers and copying thousands of files, including previously unreleased tracks by Michael Jackson. The men also downloaded music by artists including Elvis, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. The men were planning to sell or trade some of the music files.

If hackers can breach the defences of a large music company such as Sony Music, they can certainly breach smaller music studios, too. Front Row’s cyber insurance policy includes theft and fraud coverage, as well as the cost of a forensic investigation to determine how, exactly, a cyber hack occurred.


Cyber hack insurance for music studios is designed to protect against certain losses associated with data breaches and hacks. After a hack, there are costs studios will incur, including (but not limited to):

  • paying for PR/crisis communications to explain what happened
  • paying to restore or recover any stolen music files/hacked accounts
  • paying to conduct an investigation to determine what happened
  • losing money from business interruption


Hack insurance can help with expenses associated with managing a hack, such as incident response, crisis communications and data recovery expenses.

PROTECT your data.  If you are a musician or music studio owner/employee, chances are you do a lot of music composition work on your studio computer(s). If these computers (or servers) are hacked, you could lose access to your music files, resulting in business interruption.

If you suffer a cyber hack, your insurance can help you manage the costs associated with the loss. Front Row's cyber hack insurance policy includes comprehensive cyber coverage with limit options up to $1,000,000.

90% of small businesses in Canada do not have cyber insurance: don’t be one of them. Take a few minutes to protect your music studio!

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