Musical Instrument Insurance Broker in Canada offers online quotes

Posted by David Hamilton on Mar 11, 2014 8:43:00 AM

Front Row offers musical instrument insurance to Canada’s music professionals. The costs to insure $10,000 worth of instruments is $125 for a year.

Insuring your musical gear with Front Row is fast. Obtain a quote in 30 seconds by clicking here: 

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Download a policy in six minutes. Feel secure knowing that your instruments and equipment are protected around the world in the event of theft, breakage, flood and more.

What makes the Front Row on line insurance for musicians the industry best?

  Front Row      Other Programs
 No Minimum Premium  Yes  No
 Worldwide Equipment Coverage Territory  Yes  Sometimes
Automatic $10,000 Office Contents Coverage, including Valuable Papers & Accounts Receivable  Yes  Extra Charge
$10,000 of coverage for Borrowed Instruments/Equipment for up to 30-days  Yes   No
Automatic Inflation Guard on Instrument Values  Yes   No
$10,000 of coverage for newly acquired Instruments/equipment for up to 30-days  Yes   Sometimes
Commercial General Liability is available on a stand-alone basis  Yes   No
Full Coverage for Earthquake & Flood   Yes   No

Click now for a free on line quote:   Free Online Quote

Or call 604 684 3411.

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Protecting Musical Instruments at Home: Insurance and More

Posted by David Hamilton on Mar 10, 2014 3:33:00 PM

In addition to purchasing professional musical instrument insurance, you can protect your precious instruments by doing the following:

-Create a safe room in your home. This can be as simple as putting a deadbolt lock on a closet where you store your gear.

-Purchase, high quality travel cases that protect against impact and moisture. Buy a cable lock and cable your cases together in the safe room.

-Install an alarm and deadbolt locks on your exterior doors. Use extra long screws for the lock.

1145631 28590364[1]-Purchase low cost security film and apply it to your windows and exterior French doors. This will slow down entry for a smash and grab thief. 

-Never leave musical instruments visible in an unattended vehicle. Always place instruments in the trunk and lock the vehicle.

-If you are selling a musical instrument through craigslist or some other private forum always check that the method of payment is legitimate. Meet in a public area. 

-Use a broker that specializes in the music industry such as our firm: Front Row Insurance Brokers. 

We offer instrument insurance for as low as $75 for $5,000 worth of gear with worldwide coverage and free office contents coverage. Click here for more details

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