Members of the International Documentary Association have exclusive access to an insurance program through Front Row Insurance Brokers that has preferential pricing.

The program is designed to provide broad insurance coverage at a cost that is much lower than an individual documentary producer could normally obtain when purchasing insurance coverage on their own. These pricing discounts have been facilitated by using the bulk buying power of the IDA membership. 


Separate insurance policies will be issued to each producer / project and will be customized to meet the unique requirements of your specific production(s).


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The following policies are availible under the program. To obtain a quick quote, please click any of the links below to complete our short form application:


Single Project Production Package


Blanket Annual Production Package


Producers Errors & Omissions Liability

Front Row Insurance has always been a go-to for us, from last minute camera rental needs to fairly priced insurance rates. In a world where cameras are cheap and everything else around a production is not, it's nice to see alternative options for independent filmmakers.
Scott Drucker
Co-director of Who is Arthur Chu?, the feature documentary that premiered at Slamdance