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Front Row Office Contents Insurance provides protection for your office contents such as computers, photocopiers, office furniture, art, plants, data and documents. If you renovate your office the improvements are covered.

Our BOP (business office package) insurance policy covers against risks such as theft, fire and water damage and will even cover contents that are temporarily away from the workplace.


A typical package costs $650 for a year and covers: property, liability and crime. We can typically provide you with coverage the same day you contact us.


Typical offices covered include graphic designerswebsite and app developers, talent agencies, new media companies and others.


The Front Row business office insurance covers:

The property component provides broad form coverage on office contents, tenants improvements, personal effects, trees, shrubs and plants, debris removal including:

  • office contents
  • computer equipment, including software
  • computer system breakdown
  • explosion of hot water tank
  • sewer back-up
  • sign coverage
  • Property in transit
  • Damage caused by theft
  • Valuable papers recreated
  • Accounts receivable recreated

The crime coverage will protect you for: 

  • depositors forgery
  • employee dishonesty
  • inside robbery
  • outside robbery

The liability protects you for lawsuits that arise as a result of visitors getting injured on your premises. If you are sued the policy will provide you with a lawyer to defend you and the policy will pay the court judgment costs if you are found at fault for the injury.


Once you complete a short application, we can provide you with a firm quote within hours. If the quote is acceptable, the coverage can go into force right away.

To start, please click this link for the application.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices:


If calling from Ontario or the Maritimes, please contact:

Damian Schleifer
Ph: 416-408-5036

If calling from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, please contact:

David Hamilton
Ph: 604-684-3456

If calling from Quebec, please contact:
Ph: 514-382-9625 ext. 296


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