Keep your backyard wedding on budget with the click of a button: wedding insurance protects you against all kinds of hidden costs

When you picture your perfect backyard wedding, what do you see? A hug from your mom just before you walk outside; lanterns glowing on the pathways; saying “I do” in the garden you grew up in? Cutting the cake your best friend made for you, and watching the stars come out as candlelight flickers across the faces of your friends and family? Having a wedding at home is a beautiful way to keep your celebration intimate and meaningful, not to mention a smart strategy for keeping your budget in balance on the big day. No matter what your perfect at-home wedding looks like: don’t forget to insure it.

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Disaster on your wedding day? It’s more common than you think

Unforgettable wedding day horror stories and how to keep your day from becoming a disaster!

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Wedding Insurance Has Your Big Day Covered; From the Cake to the Ring

Check out this article published by GLOBE NEWSWIRE featuring our Online Event Liability Insurance Package.

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Wedding Ring Insurance: Now Available Online in 5 minutes

When creating your wedding budget don’t forget to allow for wedding ring insurance on your big day.

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Why you should consider purchasing wedding insurance

Planning a wedding? There are many risks associated with hosting a wedding: your guests may damage the venue or the rented furniture or the sound system. Your guests could trip on temporary carpeting or a wine spill on the dance floor and injure themselves.

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4 Reasons to Buy Online Insurance for Weddings from Front Row

  1. Wedding insurance allows you to relax and enjoy the big day.     Weddings cost an  average $30,159 in Canada. The hall, the food, the DJ, flowers, photos and all the other costs add up to an expensive day. Wedding insurance provides you with peace of mind in two ways. Wedding property insurance  provides coverage for damage to: your wedding attire, lost/stolen gifts, photographs,– even wedding ring insurance and more. Wedding liability insurance covers you when you are legally responsible for injury or damages that occur at your wedding. If one of your yoga teacher guests slips on spilled wine and tears knee ligaments and cannot work they may sue you for lost income and rehab / medical costs. Wedding liability insurance also provides a lawyer to defend you.
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Planning a Wedding at  home?  Will your Homeowners Policy cover you?

The wedding ceremony in your parent’s back yard was more beautiful than you imagined. Later in the evening, the reception is in full swing when a scream pierces the music on the temporary dance floor. One of your parents work friends – a highly successful yoga instructor– has slipped on some spilled wine and torn all the ligaments in her knee.

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Wedding Insurance Cost: less than you think if you buy online

The DJ doesn’t show, the caterer gets sick, the photographer has his gear stolen, the gifts go “missing”….there are a lot of scenarios that could impact your big day: why not transfer these risks to insurance? You protect your car when you are driving buy buying insurance – why not your wedding…. and at a much lower cost.

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