Circus, Acrobatics & Aerial: actONE

If you thrill audiences with outrageously creative performances and produce shows that awe everyone from children to corporate suits, you know there are very real risks involved in your productions.


Aerialists, high wire walkers, acrobats, contortionists – every act you can think of has been thought of by us. We can help you sleep well at night, knowing you are properly insured.


Created using our actONE Program, we will provide you with seamless insurance coverage from the moment you begin your project until the applause of closing night.


Simple to apply for and easy to get, actONE includes:


Theatrical property including sets, costumes, cameras, computers & office equipment as well as rented or borrowed theatrical equipment such as lights & sound.


Actors’, volunteers’ and employees’ personal property in theatres or rehearsal spaces


Theatrical performance disruption for interruption, postponement, cancellation, or impairment of your performances caused by circumstances which are beyond your control


Theatrical venue and tenants’ legal liability to insure damage you cause to a venue, rehearsal space or any other premise


Crime-related insurance dishonesty, theft of money, fraud or forgery


Theatrical liability for claims related to bodily injury or property damage to another party including legal defense costs including Employers Liability which provides protection against lawsuits if a performers is injured while working


Catastrophic cast indemnity for delays, interruptions, postponements, cancellation of a production or performance due to injury, sickness or permanent total disability or death affecting one-third of your cast


Travel delay coverage when severe weather conditions or mechanical breakdown of vehicles prevent your cast from being able to travel to a venue


Non-owned automobiles for the use of automobiles in your production


In addition, we can provide you with protection for:


Cast Non-Appearance to insure interruptions, postponement, cancellation, or impairment of performances when your key performers are unable to appear due to injury, illness or death.


Weather Insurance to insure interruption, postponement, cancellation, or impairment of performances caused by dangerous or adverse weather conditions.


Accident, Medical & Travel Insurance for out-of-country emergency situations or for our company while at home.


If calling from Canada, please contact:

Steve Beatty
Ph: 416-642-3294