Protégé: Custom Insurance for Art Schools and Arts Educators

Simple and inexpensive to purchase, yet comprehensive protection for dance studios, music schools and teachers, acting schools and coaches, fine art schools and more.

Society entrusts teachers with its most precious resource: our children.


For schools and instructors who teach the arts, this responsibility comes with additional risks, such as bodily injury from a performance, property damage in a studio, or abuse.

As the go-to insurance partner for the arts industry in Canada, Front Row understands the challenges faced by individuals and institutions working in arts education and the unique solutions they require. 

Whether you are a private instructor, studio owner, educational institution, Protégé has a solution to cover your specific needs.

Our policies are straightforward and affordable and our specialists are available to ensure you have the protection you need so that you can focus on what you do best: bringing the joy of art into people's lives. 

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Protégé Insurance protects arts educators and schools in a variety of crucial areas: Studio Property, Business Continuity, Bodily Injury, Abuse Liability, Educator Error, and More…

Studio Property: 
Coverage for your space and equipment, in the event that it’s damaged or equipment is stolen, including:  

  • - Your building or studio; studio improvements such as your dance floor & mirrors; your studio contents including computers, audio-visual equipment, cameras, and instruments
  • - Rented or borrowed property
  • - Costumes or sets; retail stock such as shoes, art supplies, or instruments
  • - Your employees’ & teachers’ property
  • - Mobile coverage for productions, touring, and competitions

Business Continuity: 
Protection for your ongoing operations and bottom-line, including:

  • - All or a portion of your continuing fixed expenses when your revenue is reduced after your studio or property is damaged
  • - Extra costs to operate your business when your studio or property is damaged
  • - Loss of future tuition fees
  • - Your financial loss when the unexpected occurs, such as a power disruption, or when a civil authority denies access to the area where your school is located
  • - Professional services fees to help you determine the amount of your claim

Bodily injury & Property Damage Liability: 
Protection in the event that you are sued, including:

  • - Claims against you when a student has been injured
  • - Protection for your teachers, employees, volunteers, and freelance teachers
  • - Legal defence costs
  • - Claims resulting from presentations, performances, or other activities away from your school
  • - Fundraising or promotional events
  • - Mental anguish related to bodily injury
  • - Workplace injuries
  • - Claims related to the use of non-owned automobiles

Abuse Liability: 
Managing allegations related to children and other vulnerable people with risk-specific coverage that will pay for:

  • - Damages awarded, or which are agreed upon, payable to the person making the claim against you or your institution
  • - Criminal and Civil legal defence costs
  • - Medical, rehabilitation & counselling costs for individuals affected by an incident of abuse
  • - Coverage extends to employees, instructors, guest artists, volunteers

Educators Errors & Omissions: 
Coverage for legal fees, defence costs, and any awarded, or agree upon, damages related to:

  • - Improper placement of students, including the failure to promote or grant proper credit
  • - Failure to educate
  • - Improper guidance counselling or improper educational evaluations
  • - Wrongful dismissal of a student


Contact Steve Beatty
Direct: 416-642-3294