As an owner or operator of a dance company, having the proper insurance and risk management solutions will keep the show going

Canadian Theatre Producers:

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Each of our dance performer insurance policies is customized to fit your unique exposures. From people, property and productions to administration and financing, we work with you to develop unique risk protection for your dance company.

The cost is as low as $750 CAD (subject to change).

If you're in the US and would like to insure a short-term dance show/event, you can get a quote and buy online here.

Simple to apply and easy to get, actONE covers:

  • Insurance for property: sets, wardrobe, cameras, office equipment
  • Insurance for dancers’, volunteers’ and employees’ personal property: loss or damage to personal property while in a theatrical venue or rehearsal space
  • Dance performance disruption: interruption, postponement, or impairment of performances caused by unexpected circumstances beyond your control
  • Venue and tenants’ legal liability: liability as a result of damage to venue, rehearsal space or any other premise which is under your care/custody/control
  • Crime: employee dishonesty; theft of money; depositor’s forgery
  • Dance liability: amounts you may be legally obligated to pay, including defense costs, for bodily injury or property damage to a third party if your company has been negligent
  • Catastrophic cast indemnity: loss you incur due to delay, interruption, postponement
  • Non-owned automobiles: the use of automobiles that are not owned by your organization but used in connection with your production that may have caused an injury to a person or damaged their property

With offices in Canada and the US, Front Row is one of the largest insurance brokers for the dance industry. This allows us to provide you with excellent coverage with the low premiums.

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If calling from East of Manitoba, contact:

Steve Beatty

If Calling from West of Manitoba, contact:

David Hamilton

Since 1999, Front Row has saved us thousands of dollars; they consistently add value, bring new ideas to us and are responsive.

Lindy Cowan
Canadian Opera Company

When we faced a very challenging claim,  Front Row was supportive, responsive & efficient; an exceptional example.

Sara Meurling
as Managing Director, Factory Theatre

Steve has always handled our account in a professional manner, recognizing the special needs of not-for-profit theatre … he takes a keen interest in our successes both on and off the stage.  

Jim Graham
as Vice President Finance, The Canadian Stage Company