Entertainment equipment owners, camera operators and production equipment rental houses require specialized equipment insurance to cover their unique exposures.

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At Front Row Entertainment Insurance we have many equipment floater programs designed specifically to provide the most comprehensive coverage for your operations.

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Film gear insurance can be arranged quickly through us, usually over the phone. Our program is very popular with new and established film makers because of the low cost and the simple process to arrange a policy.

We can cover both owned gear and rented gear on a specialized entertainment floater form. This means your equipment is protected as you travel from location to location anywhere in the world, when it’s the most vulnerable.

Examples of what can be included under the Entertainment Equipment Floater Program:

  • Production Equipment: Camera Equipment, Sound/Location Recording Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Props/Sets/Wardrobe; Miscellaneous Unscheduled Equipment
  • Rented/Non-Owned Equipment
  • Theatrical Equipment
  • Post Production Equipment: Editing Equipment, Recording/Studio Equipment

We can provide you with film equipment coverage with limits ranging between $5,000 and $10,000,000.  If you would like to add location liability, we can do so for an additional premium. We can also provide coverage for:

If you would like an annual policy to cover multiple small productions as well as providing coverage for your gear, please see D.I.C.E. (Documentaries, Industrial Films, Commercials, Educational Films – it also covers short shoots, music videos).

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