CLAIM REPORTING Procedures for actONE & pactONE policy holders


Please read the FAQ:
Performance Disruption COVID-19 FAQ

To all policy holders and respected clients,

We appreciate that this is a stressful and challenging time for you and your organization, and we are here to help. As we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and claims inquiries as a result of the COVID-19 situation, we have prepared an FAQ, attached a claim reporting form, and itemized the documentation your insurance company will require.

Our thoughts are with everyone as we collectively navigate our way through this unprecedented situation.

Our very best to you and all your people,

Steve and the Front Row Staff


Step 1: Complete the downloadable Claim Reporting Form [PDF]

Step 2: Complete the downloadable Performance Disruption Claim Worksheet [Excel]. Refer to the instructions below

Step 3: Compile all of the ‘Required Documentation’ (see ‘Required Documentation’ below) and email with your Claim Reporting Form. Please note that not all documentation may be applicable to you. Please review the list under ‘Required Documentation’ below and include the relevant docs

Step 4: Email completed Claim Reporting Form and Required Documentation to

Step 5: Once we receive your claim report you will receive email confirmation with the contact information of your assigned claims adjuster

Required Documentation:

  • - A production and/or touring schedule which includes rehearsal dates, in-theatre technical rehearsal dates, set-up and strike dates, venue name & address, number of performances.

  • - A copy of each production budget for performances which have been cancelled or interrupted, including box office and revenue from other sources such as service fees, food & beverage.

  • - Identify fixed and variable costs that may be affected by the cancellation or interruption. Fixed costs are those expenses which have been incurred or that you are obligated to pay under a contract; variable expenses are those expenses which will vary or be reduced by the cancellation, interruption or postponement.

  • - Identify any immediate costs which are in addition to your original production expenses and which need to be incurred due to the cancellation or interruption.

  • - Provide a summary of overhead costs, if you allocate overhead to each production.

  • - Confirm the agreement under which you are engaging your artists. For example, are they engaged under a Canadian Actors Equity Agreement?

  • - Copies of the individuals CAEA contracts with each artist.

  • - Any additional agreements such as Associated Designers of Canada, musician association agreements, union contracts or any other artist or crew contracts.

  • - Venue rental agreements.

  • - Presenter contracts and agreements.

  • - Other service provider contracts that relate to your cancelled or interrupted productions.

  • - Provide details for your contingency plans or whether you can postpone until a future date.

  • - If you have immediate cash-flow needs, please provide details so these can be addressed as part of your claim review.

  • Performance Disruption Claim Worksheet (Excel)

- The Performance Disruption Claim Worksheet [Excel file] should be completed for each production which has been cancelled or may be cancelled.

- The Worksheet includes an individual Sheet for the months of March to October and each Sheet includes a set of columns to allow you to provide information for two productions. If more than two productions have been affected for the specified month, please cut and paste additional columns for the necessary number of productions.

- Your overhead and shared costs should be allocated to each production.

Front Row Broker Contact Information:

Note: Please send Claim Reporting Form and Required Documentation to

Steve Beatty
Mobile & Text: 416-716-4684

Victor Carreiro
Mobile & Text: 905-808-4087

Eve Needra
Mobile & Text: 647-983-4581

Robb Ghag
Mobile & Text: 647-983-4562

Achsah Turnbull
Phone: 416-645-2705

Karen Chan
Phone: 604-630-1328