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SELF-TAPING STUDIO INSURANCE Protect your self-tape studio with business insurance from Front Row.

Annual Property Insurance for Self-taping Studios in Canada | Self-tape Studio Insurance: Affordable and Easy

Self-taping is an increasingly used method of casting in film, TV  and theatre. Instead of going to a conventional audition, casting or screen test, actors are asked to film their own auditions and send the recording to a casting director and/or production company.

Often, a self-taping (or self-tape) studio is the best place to do such a recording as it will be done quickly and professionally.

If you're running a self-taping studio in Canada, you should ensure that you have the right property insurance policy in place. Contact Front Row to request a property insurance quote; we're happy to help. We can quote you liability insurance as well to protect against lawsuits for visitors who are injured. Landlords will typically require evidence of liability insurance for a lease. Our proof of insurance certificates are offered at no charge.

Business Interruption Insurance for Self-tape Studios in Canada

Business interruption coverage can be included as part of a self-taping studio's property insurance policy.

Any studio should have such coverage in place because without it, a business might be financially unable to continue in the event of an insured loss. This coverage can replace income lost in the event that business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage.

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