Online Insurance for Kid's Birthday Parties in Canada

ONLINE INSURANCE FOR KID'S BIRTHDAY PARTIES Kid's Birthday Party Insurance can be arranged instantly through our online program. 

Most venues require proof of insurance before hosting a child's birthday party: our birthday insurance portal allows you to arrange a private event insurance policy in just 5 minutes!

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Are you in the US? Event insurance in the US can be arranged quickly through our online program.

Children's birthday party insurance:

  • Up to $5,000,000 in General Liability Coverage available.
  • “Peace of Mind” Protection to cover the rented venue.
  • No additional cost to issue an insurance certificate to prove coverage.
  • Kid's birthday insurance policy premiums start at $105 CAD (subject to change).
  • Purchase online and receive your policy immediately.

Obtaining a child's party insurance with Front Row is an easy process that will leave you feeling confident that your kid's party is protected!