Performance Disruption COVID-19 FAQ

FAQ from Front Row Insurance on COVID-19 claims reporting.


  • Our performances have been canceled due to COVID-19. How do we report our claim?

    Please download and complete the claim reporting form which is available here. On the webpage, we have summarized the additional information that is required to be submitted with your claim report. Once we have received your claim report and the additional information, a claim will be set up with the insurance company and an adjuster will be assigned to be your personal contact. Front Row will help you to manage your claim with the insurance company and will answer your questions about your coverage. We will be happy to discuss with you how you can utilize your coverage to postpone your production to a later date.

    We purchased coverage for liability insurance only. Will this insure the cancellation or postponement of our production?

    A policy with liability coverage only will not insure disruptions in your performances. You must have performance disruption coverage on your policy.

    What if we close our doors due to fear of spreading the virus?

    The Performance Disruption coverage in your program will not respond to a claim from a pre-emptive cancellation (i.e. cancelling a performance or event due to fear of spreading the virus) and the policy does not respond to a reduced volume of ticket sales which may or may not be attributable to the virus. Coverage is triggered if the cancellation is the result of a government authority or if a contracted venue has been closed by their management.

    What if the government shuts down my production and I can NO longer present MY show?

    Performance Disruption coverage is in place for cancellations, postponement, or interruption due to unexpected circumstances. This may be from a public order, cancellation by a presenter, or the unavailability of the theatre or venue.

    What if the presenter shuts down the venue, and now we can no longer have our performance?

    If the cancellation is due to the presenter closing the theatre or venue or from the termination of your presentation contract, you can report this to us as a Performance Disruption claim. If alternate arrangements can be made with the presenter to postpone the performances, coverage will be in place under the Performance Disruption - Extra Expense portion of the policy for costs that you incur which are in addition to original budgeted costs and which must be incurred to present your performances at a later date.

    We can possibly reschedule our performance, but the performers & crew will still have to be paid. What happens then?

    If you decide to postpone the performances to a later date, the additional Costs that you incur to re-engage performers and crew will be considered under the Performance Disruption - Extra Expense portion of the policy for the additional expenses required to rehearse and perform.

    We rent out our space to third party performers. Are we covered for lost revenue?

    The business interruption coverage included under your program is triggered when there is physical damage to your building or your assets. In the case of a COVID-19 interruption or cancellation, this portion of the policy cannot be activated. Many rental agreements for venues include a cancellation provision or a force majeure clause. When your renter cancels their production or event in accordance with your contractual agreement, this would not be considered an insurable claim.

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