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Workplace business renters insurance

Insurance provides protection for your office contents such as: computers, photocopiers, office furniture, art, plants, data and documents. If you renovate your office the improvements are covered.

Our online business liability insurance and office contents  insurance policy covers  risks such as: theft, fire and water damage and will even cover contents that are temporarily away from the workplace.


Available to Canadian small business insurance buyers at:


The policy term is for 12 months.

Example of office renters insurance premiums though the Workplace online site:

  • $10,000 office contents insurance coverage: $25 CAD, plus a fee
  • $2,000,000 business liability coverage: $400 CAD
  • $500 CAD deductible

The limits of coverage are flexible – try various limits on the online site to find a cost that suits you – the office insurance quote is free and takes less than 5 minutes.


What is office insurance? It covers:  property, liability and crime.


Get a business insurance cost in minutes by visiting: No obligation.


Typical offices covered include:


Insurance for graphic designers

Insurance for new media/video game companies,  

and many others...

Online workplace commercial renters insurance protects your business for:

  • office contents
  • computer equipment, including software
  • computer system breakdown
  • explosion of hot water tank
  • sewer back-up
  • sign coverage
  • etc.

Small business crime insurance coverage will protect you for: 

  • depositors forgery
  • employee dishonesty
  • inside robbery
  • outside robbery

The business liability insurance protects you for lawsuits that arise as a result of visitors getting injured on your premises. If you are sued, the policy will provide you with a lawyer to defend you and the policy will pay the court judgment costs if you are found at fault for the injury. 


If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices.