Musical Instrument Insurance for SOCAN Members

Front Row provides fast affordable musical instrument insurance for Canada’s music professionals that are Canadian resident members of SOCAN.

Covers: Theft, Breakage, and Fire

Sample Premiums:

    • $5,000 of Gear: $50 premium plus $25 fee
    • $10,000 of Gear: $100 premium plus $25 fee
    • $20,000 of Gear: $200 premium plus $25 fee

What makes the Front Row Instrument program the Industry best?

  SOCAN   Other Program
No Minimum Premium Exclusive  
Worldwide Equipment Coverage Territory Included X
Automatic $10,000 Office Contents Coverage, including Valuable Papers & Accounts Receivable Included Extra charge!
$10,000. Up to 30-days: Borrowed Instruments/Equipment Included X
Automatic Inflation Guard on Instrument values Included  
$10,000 up to 30-days: newly acquired Instruments/equipment Included X
General Liability available on a stand-alone basis? Included  
Full Coverage for Earthquake & Flood Included  
Automatic Business Income / Extra Expense Coverage Included  

Many music professionals rely on Front Row for their coverage. We offer the advantage of one-stop shopping with low rates, flexible options, and excellent service.

How do we offer such low rates for our coverage?

  • We use the strength of numbers in the SOCAN membership to keep our premiums low. When you need to talk to someone directly, we also offer excellent customer service through our knowledgeable and licensed customer service representatives.We can offer liability coverage for your tour: please call us.   

Front Row Insurance is underwritten by an “A rated or better” insurance company, as rated through A.M. Best’s.

Covers: Theft, Breakage, and Fire

Do you have a SOCAN Insurance claim to file?

If you have a claim to file under your insurance policy, please contact the MGB claims hotline below :

416 593 4444

You can reach a MGB adjustor 24 hours a day