Kathryn Hoffman

Vice President

Kathryn Hoffman has specialized in entertainment insurance for the past 25 years. She manages a wide range of industry risks including independent films, television, commercial and documentary producers, concert promoters, venues, special events and contingency business. Most recently Kathryn worked for DeWitt Stern Group and prior to that Marsh, Speare & Company and Truman Van Dyke Company.

Kathryn has handled special placements for the following events:

  • Academy Awards 2001 – 2010
  • Grammys 2001 – 2010
  • Democratic National Convention 2005 – 2010
  • All concerts and festivals for one of the nation’s largest concert promoters

Kathryn Hoffman is a member of the North American Contingency Association.

Contact Kathryn Hoffman

Kathryn Hoffman

PH: 424-644-1411
Cell: 303-746-5469
Fax: 424-529-6703 

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