Equipment Rental House Insurance

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Rental houses require specialized liability and equipment insurance to cover their unique exposures.

From a small start-up rental house to a large multiple location chain, Front Row Entertainment Insurance has many options designed specifically to provide the most comprehensive coverage for your operations.


Unique to rental house insurance, when equipment is rented to your customers they become responsible for any liability or damage to the equipment. As risk managers for the film & entertainment industry, we work with you and your staff to review rental contracts and certificates of insurance that are issued on behalf of your clients.

Rental equipment house coverage can include:

We can also provide coverage for productions. If you would like an annual policy to cover multiple small productions as well as providing coverage for your gear, please click this link to take you to our D.I.C.E. Program (Documentaries, Industrial Films, Commercials, Educational Films – it also covers short shoots, music videos and feature films with low budgets)

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