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save money on your film insurance premium

One of the simplest ways to reduce film production insurance premiums is to lower the net insurable budget. The net insurable budget is the amount left once various budget line items are removed from the definition of insurable costs. The rate that is negotiated with the insurance company is applied against the net budget.

A typical rate might be .70 cents per hundred dollars of net budget depending on the current insurance market conditions. To illustrate, let us assume a cable TV movie needs to be insured with a budget of $2,000,000. Typically, we would remove the following line items as costs that do not need to be insured: 

  1. Story and scenario - we will assume this amount is $50,000 (I know, writers are never paid enough).
  2. Post Production costs - we will assume this amount is $200,000

Claims that happen during post production are covered; however, due to the low risk of claims in post, the insurance company does not apply rate to post costs which is why it has been removed.

$2,000,000 less script and post costs leaves a net insurable budget of $1,750,000. $1,750,000 times the negotiated rate of .70 results in a premium of $12,250. If the net were less than $1,750,000 the premium would go down.

Other budget costs to consider removing from our sample budget might be:

  1. Producer fees ($50,000)
  2. Development ($20,000)
  3. Publicity ($5,000)
  4. Overhead ($35,000)
  5. 50% of contingency ($25,000)

Removing the above items would lower the net insurable budget by $135,000 to $1,615,000 and would result in a premium savings of $945.

Once the budgeted cost is removed from the net insurable budget, it is no longer insured in the event of a claim so producers need to be sure before removing anything from the insured budget.

As specialized film insurance brokers, we can help guide you to an appropriate net insurable budget for your film production.

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Volunteers and Interns on Set: Worth the Risk for Your Film Insurance?

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Insurance for Volunteers Worksafe BC will not provide work comp (WC) coverage to unpaid interns or volunteers: there are no wages to base loss of future earnings on. WC provides medical costs, rehab costs, loss of future earnings and most importantly, once the injured employee accepts the WC benefits, they waive the right to sue their employer.

We suggest that you have the intern sign a waiver acknowledging the inherent dangers of a film set. A sample waiver can be obtained from your lawyer or we would be happy to send you one as well.

We can provide you with an accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) policy for $75 per volunteer that will pay a cash settlement for a specific list of injuries ($50,000 for loss of eye, $100,000 for loss of leg, etc); although, this in no way replaces WC. The injured intern could still sue the employer. For this reason I would recommend against hiring a volunteer. Your film insurance does not provide work comp benefits for interns and volunteers.

Let us know if you would like us to send you an AD&D application. We need to know the name, nationality and dates of work for each of the volunteer employees.

Contact us now if you have any questions. 

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