Venue Insurance in Canada

Posted by David McLeish on Aug 30, 2018 10:28:13 AM


shutterstock_486899269Your venue welcomes the world.

Whether it’s an audience of ten thousand or something more intimate, you open your space to the public, and to the people who know how to draw a crowd. This, in turn, exposes you and your venue to certain risks that can be managed with the right kind of venue insurance. Whether you need stadium insurance or  community theatre insurance or amphitheater insurance or  auditorium insurance or concert hall insurance or insurance for an outdoor stage outdoor stage, you are responsible for the safety of the public and performers and you could become liable if someone is injured at your venue.  You also have to be concerned with potential damage to property, performance cancellations, the care and conduct of your employees… then there’s all the stuff you never could have predicted!

Front Row’s venue insurance will look at your specific venue, and we’ll tailor coverage to meet your unique needs. We’ll look at things like:

  • Your venue’s capacity
  • The frequency of performances
  • Types of performances hosted
  • Types of concessions sold (any alcohol?)
  • The characteristics of the building where it all happens.

When it comes to risk, we’ve got the best seat in the house, and we can help you see your exposures from every angle. That means you can confidently welcome the world’s best, brightest, and craziest–whatever the world throws at you, you’ll be ready!

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Consider Purchasing Baby Shower Insurance: 6 reasons

Posted by David Hamilton on Jul 25, 2018 10:42:46 AM

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Planning a Baby Shower? Consider Purchasing Baby Shower Insurance: 6 reasons

  • Baby Shower insurance will protect you against damage your guests  accidentally cause to the venue you have rented. Does your venue require you to provide evidence of  venue insurance? Yikes. Check your rental contract.
  • Are you hosting the party at home? Check with your homeowners broker to see if you are covered. Parties over a certain size are most likely not covered.
  • Have you rented furniture or the sound system or a marquee? Are you responsible to insure the equipment you have rented? Check your rental contract.
  • Your guests could trip on temporary carpeting or slip on a drink spill on the floor and injure themselves. What if your friend or relative is forced to sue you? Awkward? No doubt. Will your homeowners insurance cover you? Probably not. Baby shower event liability insurance will cover you if you are sued by providing a free lawyer to defend you and paying the judgement costs awarded to your injured guest.
  • Do you need protection for the gifts in case they are stolen?
  • What happens if your tent blows away and injures other people in the park? Lawsuits from a cartwheeling marquee would be covered with baby shower insurance.

When hosting a baby shower most banquet halls and venues such as a community center or church hall will require you to have event insurance in place. Often the hall will tell you in their contract the short term venue liability amount required.

Baby shower planning should include online baby shower insurance otherwise known as one day event insurance

Cheap event insurance is available online with no need to talk to a broker. Policies start at $130 and certificates for your baby shower venue are free. A quote is also free: a fast quote is available any time of the day or night.

Get a Free Online Quote Now

If you will be serving alcohol at your baby shower make sure that you request venue alcohol liability – available through our online site. Remember, as a renter you are responsible for the safety of any guests. You could be held legally responsible if people consume alcohol during your baby shower and harm themselves or someone else. Consider how your guests will be traveling home.

Purchase peace of mind day insurance in five minutes. It is always good planning to purchase special event insurance for your party for a baby shower to protect against the unexpected.

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Earthquakes and Film Production: What to do when the Earth Moves

Posted by David Hamilton on Oct 26, 2012 10:44:00 AM

If you are indoors on a film production set or in a film production office, DROP,  COVER AND HOLD ON: 


  • Drop under heavy furniture such as a table, desk, or any solid furniture.
  • Cover your head and torso to prevent being hit by falling objects.
  • Hold on to the object that you are under so that you remain covered.


If you are outdoors on a film location:


  • Stay outside.
  • Go to an open area away from buildings. The most dangerous place is
    near exterior walls.
  • If you’re in a crowded area, take cover where you won’t be trampled.


If you are in a production vehicle or in a picture vehicle: 


  • Pull over to a safe place where you are not blocking the road.
  • Avoid bridges, overpasses, underpasses, buildings or any structure that could collapse.
  • Stop the vehicle and stay inside.
  • Listen to your car vehicle for instructions from emergency officials.
  • If power lines are down, do not attempt to get out of the car.


Avoid the following in an earthquake: 


  • Doorways, which can slam shut and cause injuries.
  • Windows, bookcases, tall furniture and light fixtures, which can shatter or lead to other injuries.
  • Elevators: get out as soon as you can.
  • If you’re near a coastline in a high risk area during a strong earthquake, immediately move inland or to higher ground until officials declare the area is safe.


 Front Row is experienced with insuring Film Productions against earthquakes: ask us how.

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Why Even YOUR Band Should Carry Liability Insurance

Posted by Monica Cervantes on Dec 12, 2011 2:38:00 PM

There are a number of reasons why a Cover band or Tribute band would benefit from purchasing liability insurance, but perhaps the most compelling reason is because without this cover, the very livelihood of the musician/band is at stake in the event that they are sued.  While no one plans on accidents, the chance of such incidents occurring increases at public places and venues where large numbers of people are gathered. When alcohol is consumed, the risk increases even more.


  • Why risk the loss of your assets, both personal and the band’s?
  • Liability policies are a safeguard against mistakes that your band might make in which they would be held liable.

So, what is liability insurance?

This type of insurance is designed to offer protection against third party (the public) bodily injury or property damage as a result of one’s operations or products.

The relevance to cover/tribute bands is that in the event that bands are held responsible for the injuries and property damage sustained by an audience member or staff member at the venue, the liability insurance would potentially pay for the medical treatment required by the injured party, and can cover settlement claims resulting from lawsuits.


An example of a scenario where a band’s liability policy would be of value include if a member of the audience was invited onto the stage while band members were performing and ended up tripping on loose cords and slamming their face into some audio equipment. The coverage afforded under a liability policy would protect the band (policy holder) in the event that they are then sued by any third parties for unintentional damage. A lawsuit can name a band, its manager, an establishment and it’s landlord in a lawsuit. Liability Insurance protection will not shorten criminal sentences, but it will take care of the resulting injuries and rehabilitation and potentially legal costs as well.

While Liability Insurance should be in place by the owners of the venue where a band will be performing, more frequently the musicians themselves must have liability insurance in place in order to perform at a venue. A band can be sued for it’s own direct actions, however other situations where a band and it’s members could be held liable include if a piece of equipment drops from the stage and injures an audience member, or if someone were to trip over the microphone cord. In many cases, the owner of a venue requires that performers show proof of their own liability coverage so that their own liability insurance is covered in the event that the performers are negligent.


Pricing is based on revenue and annual premiums start at US/CDN $500 for $1M in coverage. Compare this to the potential costs arising from a lawsuit and the coverage is priceless.



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Event Cancellation Insurance - Who Needs It?

Posted by David Hamilton on Oct 21, 2011 3:16:00 PM

Event Cancellation Insurance is purchased for one off events as a protection against loss of revenue or extra expenses that result from uncontrollable circumstances such as unforeseen weather conditions, power failure, terrorism, cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation of an event.

This type of insurance can also cover public liability, such as a serious injury to one of your patrons, if property is damaged, there is theft of expensive equipment or if you face a claim for actual or alleged bodily injury, and it is found to be your fault.

For US based customers:  CLICK HERE to obtain a quote & purchase coverage online

Why it’s needed

Event preparation can take years of planning, and with businesses incurring multiple expenses on the lead up to the event, most can not afford the costs associated with postponement, cancellation or relocation of an event. An organization’s physical assets impact the functionality of a business, therefore with risks to the bottom line being substantial, event cancellation insurance is needed to protect against the loss of costs, expenses or revenues associated with this exposure.

Obtain a no obligation Event Cancellation Insurance Quote Here: Event Cancellation

Some examples of situations that would have benefited from having event cancellation include the following: 

  • In July of 2011 a stage collapsed at the Ottawa Bluesfest as the likely result of a strong downdraft of air from a thunderstorm. There were multiple injuries involved with including possible spinal injuries.
  • During the Big Valley Jamboree in the summer of 2009, a powerful windstorm swept through the area causing the main stage to collapse. A total of 33 charges were laid against the three companies involved in this Alberta Stage Collapse. Each of the charges carries a maximum fine of $500,000 and possible jail time. There were more than a dozen injuries and one death.
  • Stage collapse at a Christian rock concert in April of 2008 where an auditorium floor collapsed at a church inAbbotsford,BC. Sound and Lighting scaffolds collapsed onto the front section of the stage and mosh pit with more than 40 injuries.

Who needs it:

Event coordinators responsible for special events such as film shoots, concerts, trade shows & exhibitions, entertainment & sporting events, corporate events such as product launches, and conventions to name just a few. Circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, civil, social and political unrest, strikes by employees at the venues to non appearance of key personnel are all coverages that can be purchased.

  • A recent example of the importance for promoters in obtaining event cancellation insurance can be seen after Michael Jackson’s unexpected death and the outlays and expenses that resulted from his projected 50 concerts atLondon’s O2 Arena.

 There are two types of coverages, the costs and expenses of putting on the event, such as rental promotion and fees charged by service providers, and secondly, the anticipated profits that the event is expected to generate.

How it’s obtained:

By contacting your broker and/or completing an online application form and providing the relevant financial worksheets.

How long it takes to obtain:

Generally 48 hours is needed as a minimum in order to obtain coverage 

What the cost is:

The cost is generally calculated according to the gross revenue or costs/expenses, premiums therefore vary widely. Premiums are also dependent on such factors as whether the event is indoor/outdoor, and if outdoor, what type of protection is in place to negate the effects of the elements. Additional factors that affect the premium include whether an event is dependant on particular cast members or performers and if so, the age and health issues of the performer will need to be known. Premiums are generally higher for this type of coverage as usually a “one time” event that doesn’t occur is a total loss.

Click here to obtain a quotation: Event Cancellation

Our service is friendly and knowledgeable: please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

If calling from Canada, please contact David Hamilton:   604-684-3456 or e-mail

If  from the United States:

CLICK HERE to obtain a quote and purchase coverage online!


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