Filmmakers and Producers Insurance

Posted by David McLeish on Nov 5, 2018 12:18:55 PM

film producers insurance

film producers insurance

Let’s Make Art Together.

You’re a prolific filmmaker with a full production slate. Like most creative people, you‘d rather focus on your work. The problem is that since each project requires its own insurance policy, it often feels like the more you work, the more time you have to spend dealing with insurance!

Worse, while you’ve always received good service from your broker, they don’t quite “get” what it is you do. It’s a hassle getting certificates for your vendors and cast and crew. Too many irrelevant questions are asked by the underwriter. When something unusual comes up like a drone shoot or stunts, there are delays. There has to be a better way.

Luckily, there is. Unlike most insurance professionals in Canada, we specialize in the business of entertainment insurance. It’s not just what we do, and what we’re good at; it’s what we’re passionate about.

Front Row Insurance Brokers is the largest entertainment insurance brokerage by premium volume in Canada, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York.

In 2017, we insured over $4 billion of productions worldwide and wrote more than $45 million in film premium. The 38 dedicated film insurance staff in our Canadian offices are experts in TV and film production, so you know you’ll be dealing with someone who understands what you do. Even better, we have staff licensed in every province.

Filming in sunny Saskatchewan? No problem, we’ll get you covered. Perhaps most importantly, as part of our commitment to exceptional service, we will work hard to ensure that the money owed to you is paid if you ever need to make a claim under your policy.

Moreover, our excellent working relationship with the five major companies writing entertainment insurance in Canada ensures that you get more than just the best rates. It also affords us the opportunity to design studio programs which offer coverage tailored to the unique needs of your production slate. A studio program is a custom policy designed by the broker working in concert with the insurer. The advantage to you is that it’s designed around your specific production slate. You won’t have to pay for coverage you don’t require, and your policy will be customized for you by experts in entertainment insurance who understand your needs. Some examples of the benefits available under a studio program include:

  • No cast medicals required for film budgets under $15,000,000, rendering it unnecessary to schedule and attend tedious doctor exams, and saving you the $130 exam fee.
  • Automatic coverage for test shoots, promo shoots, pilots for budgets up to $50,000: no need to call us.
  • Quotations provided immediately for any new project. Rates locked for 12 months. Coverage can be activated and certificates issued on the same day for office rentals, payroll, etc.
  • Insurance wherever you film

Let us leverage your production slate, combined with our premium volume, for your advantage. We pride ourselves on being the simplest line item on your budget—fast, without the drama.

We can also offer you a Low-Claims Bonus: ask us how.

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Automobile Insurance for Films

Posted by Mike Groner on Jul 21, 2016 9:31:02 AM



Covers hired automobiles which are the property of others and for which the insured is liable and which are lost, damaged or destroyed during the term of coverage while such property is used or to be used in connection with the declared production.

Coverage is only for damage to hired vehicles. Auto Liability coverage needs to be provided by the owner of the vehicle or through the purchase of a separate Auto Liability policy.

Stunt and precision driving is typically excluded on policies. Can be removed with details on the work being performed.

There is typically no age restriction on age of driver for this coverage. However, restrictions may be imposed by the rental company.

Non-owned & Hired Automobile liability Insurance for Production Companies

Provides coverage for the policy holder’s legal liability imposed by law for loss arising from the use or operation of any automobile not owned in whole or in part or licensed in the name of the policy holder (Production) and resulting from bodily injury to or death of any person or damage to property of others not in the care, custody or control of the policy holder.

Coverage applies to vehicles not owned by the policy holder or any partner, officer or employee.

Coverage typically applies within Canada or the USA only.

To obtain coverage a no obligation insurance quote for your project, please click on one of the links below:

Short-Term Production Insurance:Up to 14-days with no minimum premium. Coverage can include Commercial General Liability, Film Equipment Insurance, Props/Sets/Wardrobe coverage, Automobile Physical Damage and more.

Film Production Package For a Single Production:Film Production Package for a single production: features, television series, documentaries, and more.

Blanket Annual Production Package:A convenient way of administering insurance if you anticipate multiple productions in the next twelve months. This type of policy covers Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Commercials, Educational Films, Music Videos, Shorts, and more.

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Automobile Liability Insurance and Film Productions Companies

Posted by Steve Beatty on Jul 9, 2015 10:13:00 AM


All automobiles intended to be used on roads whether licensed or unlicensed must be covered by a primary automobile liability policy. Certain minimum coverage and limits are required by law but in all provinces third party liability insurance is compulsory.

Owned Vehicles

Automobiles owned by production must be insured for the compulsory coverage in the province where they Film Production Insurance - motorbikeare located and where the automobiles are licensed. We also recommend purchasing optional physical damage coverage and we can provide a quote as required.

Motorized Snow Vehicles, ATVs and Other Special Vehicles

Your insurance requirements will vary depending on the province that the vehicle is being used in, and whether the vehicle is being used on public or private property. There are too many variables to deal with each particular circumstance, so you should always check with our office prior to the use of any of these types of vehicles.

Automobile Rentals

When renting or leasing automobiles from others, whether companies or individuals, their automobile liability insurance could be invalid unless they have a special endorsement from their insurance company giving them permission to rent or lease the automobiles to you. Therefore, when sourcing automobiles we recommend using established rental car agencies and picture vehicle companies wherever possible.

Employees of production using their own vehicles for company business or receiving a call allowance should contact their own insurance broker or agent to make sure that their automobile policy is amended to permit business use.

Production Vehicles, Trucks, Motor Homes, Honeywagons & Picture Vehicles

Automobiles rented or leased for a term exceeding 30 days may be insured by the production company under their own automobile liability policy. Policies can be obtained through our office for all provinces except British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba where provincially run government insurers provide coverage.

For automobiles rented for terms under 30 days liability coverage is provided under the Commercial General Liability policy - S.P.F. No. 6 or Q.P.F. No. 6 Non-Owned Automobile extension (if purchased by the production company). Note that this coverage does not replace the automobile owner’s legal obligation to maintain primary automobile liability insurance.

Automobile Physical Damage Insurance

All rented, borrowed or leased automobiles for which you are legally responsible are covered for physical damage under the Entertainment Package Policy if Commercial Vehicle Physical Damage coverage is purchased. Coverage typically carries a deductible of 10% of loss with a minimum amount between $1,500 to $2,500.

Note: Valuation for vehicles is based on the actual cash value which represents the depreciated value of the vehicles and their repair parts. If you have any new, unique, customized, historic or collector vehicles that need to be insured for their replacement cost or on an agreed value basis please notify us well in advance of purchasing, hiring, renting or leasing these types of vehicles. In some cases an independent vehicle appraisal establishing the value of the vehicle might be required.

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