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Cancellation Insurance For Bands: Make Sure Your Tour Is Insured

Musician Liability Insurance: Make Sure Your Band's Tour Is Protected

Touring Insurance For Your Band: Planes, Trains And Automobiles

Does Your Band's Tour Insurance Include Out-of-Country Medical?

Speak Loudly And Lead By Example

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Copyright Reports: Use Them to Minimize the Potential of an E&O Claim

E&O Insurance for Producers: Minimizing the Risk of Unsolicited Submissions Claims

Elmo and Film Production Liability Insurance

Producers E&O Insurance: Best Practices when Reviewing Scripts

Theatre Insurance: Reduce A Potential Disaster To A Minor Inconvenience

Producers Errors and Omissions Insurance Quote: Are You Being Offered The Right Coverage For Your Needs?

Interns And Film, Television And Performing Arts Productions

Automobile Liability Insurance and Film Productions Companies

Cast Insurance For Live Performances: Making The Decision Before You Have a Deal

What Is A Trade-mark?

How can you make a film like The Social Network without getting permission from Mark Zuckerberg?

How Can you Make A Film Like The Social Network Without Getting Permission From Mark Zuckerberg? (Part 2)

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Canada's largest film insurance broker acquires cultureONE Inc.

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Storm damage and your film production insurance policy

Reel West Announces Front Row Short Term Film Insurance Program

Canada’s largest film insurance broker is first to offer short term film insurance policies online.

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Assurance court métrage – Prix : Ne payer pas trop cher.

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Business Insurance that Protects You when Your Database Host is Hacked

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Risk Assessments for Film Productions

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Call Sheets Help Reduce Film Production Insurance Costs

Focus on Safety to Reduce Film Production Workers Compensation Claims

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Earthquakes & Film Production: Prepare an Emergency Kit before the Quake

Earthquakes & Film Production: Make an Emergency Plan before the Quake

Earthquakes and Film Production: What to do After the Earth Moves

Film Production Insurance and the Re-use of Hard Drives

Earthquakes and Film Production: What to do when the Earth Moves

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Film Production Insurance and Trains: Stay on Track

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