Insurance for Photos Booths | Photo Booth Insurance from Front Row

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Insurance for Photos Booths | Photo Booth Insurance from Front Row

Insurance for Photos Booths | Photo Booth Insurance from Front RowSource: Royalty-free stock photo ID: 506775367, Shutterstock

We’re often asked, “Does Front Row’s photography insurance program cover photo booths?” The answer is yes; it does, but within some narrow parameters explained below. We do not cover any and all photo booths – they have to be a certain kind of photo booth. Read on…

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Photo booths are eligible for Front Row’s photography insurance program if:

  • the “booth” is not a physical room that people enter (but inflatable rooms are OK)
  • the photo booth equipment is not left unattended

There are no exceptions made for physical room-type booths.

Illustration of the kinds of photo booths covered & not covered:

Front Row’s photo booth insurance | insurance for photo booths

Why get photo booth insurance | insurance for photo booths?

Think nothing bad can happen to your photo booth? Well, think again! Front Row’s photography insurance program includes coverage for theft, damage, fire, and loss of use, and any of these unfortunate incidents could happen to a photo booth.

Photo booth insurance – theft

If your photo booth is stolen, insurance could replace it (this is covered under the policy through filing a claim).

Photo booth insurance – fire

Fire is a scary thing – and although we certainly hope it doesn’t happen to your photo booth – one bad fire is capable of destroying a photo booth business very quickly.

Photo booth insurance – damage

If you’re a photo booth business owner, you’ve likely heard plenty of stories already about photo booth vandalism. Photo booths seem to be a preferred target of vandals, for whatever reason. But remember, as mentioned above, your photo booth cannot be left unattended if you expect insurance coverage.

There are other examples of damage that could happen even with a photo booth attendant present, though. What if you plug in the wrong power cord, leading to a short circuit, damaging your photo booth and maybe even the venue too? The venue owner could sue for damages. That’s where commercial general liability (CGL) coverage comes in handy.

Photo booth insurance – commercial general liability

You can purchase CGL cover through Front Row's photographer’s insurance program. This cover is designed to protect against claims of bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by your operations as a photographer (and/or photo booth business owner). It includes the cost of a lawyer to defend you.

What if, for example, you didn’t tape down your photo booth cord(s) sufficiently, and someone trips over a cord, injuring themselves, and they decide to sue?

Photo booth insurance – money & securities

Front Row’s photography insurance program includes money & securities coverage for up to $15,000 CAD. This covers against loss by theft or destruction of money & securities inside your premises.

Common photo booth insurance questions

Q. Where am I covered? Canada? US? Worldwide?

A. The basic policy provides coverage within Canada and the US only. For additional premium, coverage may be purchased on a Limited Worldwide basis – meaning the insurance applies anywhere in the world, except where the insurance carrier is legally prohibited from providing insurance.

Q. What about airplane travel with my photo booth – is that covered?

A. If you plan to travel outside of Canada/USA, you must choose the correct option to cover the number of days you intend to travel. Failure to do so would be considered misrepresenting a material fact, and would be grounds for denying coverage or cancelling your policy. If you do not yet know how long you will be travelling, or your plans change during the year, you can contact our office to add additional days’ coverage to your policy.

Q. What if my photo booth gets stolen from a vehicle? Is that covered?

A. Yes – under certain circumstances/criteria. Read our blog post "Theft from Vehicle" for a detailed answer to this question.

Any other questions? Please contact the Front Row office nearest you.

Photo booth accessories / photo booth propsSome photo booth accessories / photo booth props to consider

If you haven’t already acquired enough accessories for your photo booth, allow us to suggest a few that look pretty cool:

Get Photography Insurance | Photography Equipment Insurance | Front Row Photography | Photographer Insurance

Front Row’s insurance for photographers is a good option for insuring your photo booth if it does, indeed, meet the requirements outlined above. Many Canadian photographers have come to recognize Front Row as the industry’s best coverage – and rely upon us to protect their gear.

You can get a quote online, purchase a policy online in a few minutes, or read more about the coverages available on the photography insurance site.

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