Tips for Preserving Fine Art to Obtain the Best Art Insurance Premium

Posted by David Hamilton on Jun 7, 2021 7:04:33 AM

The Art of Art Care: Tips for Preserving Fine Art to Obtain the Best Art Insurance Premium

Tips for Preserving Fine Art to Obtain the Best Art Insurance Premium

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The conservation of fine art in a gallery or museum is an important process to obtain the best insurance premium. Many different aspects can affect the appearance, value and longevity of artworks and antiques. By considering potential risks and being attentive to the requirements of the pieces, it is possible to maintain a collection that can be appreciated for years to come.

In addition to maintaining adequate insurance, here are several simple suggestions that will help prolong the life of your collection and your enjoyment of it.

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  • Consider the best location in which to display your pieces. Fine art and collectibles are affected by light and temperature, so avoid damage by preventing direct exposure to sunlight and regulating the temperature of the display area to prevent humidity-related deterioration.
  • Ensure that pieces are framed correctly and mounted securely. Display objects in security cases that protect from environmental damage.
  • Handle pieces carefully. Incorrect handling accounts for the majority of damage caused to artworks. Most people know the story about Steve Wynn, his elbow and his Picasso.
  • Do not attempt to repair or restore any damage yourself. Hiring a restoration expert ensures professional results while preventing any further value loss.
  • Wrap and store art and valuables correctly. Avoid storage areas that are susceptible to leaking. Storing your collection in a suitable space will help preserve it.

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