The Top 10 LED Lights for Photographers, Videographers and Gaffers

Posted by Grant Patten on May 31, 2021 7:07:25 AM

The Top LED Lights for Photographers, Videographers and Gaffers

The Top 10 LED Lights

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Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are useful to photographers, videographers and gaffers alike; LEDs have a number of advantages compared to traditional bulbs, including:

  • LEDs tend to stay relatively cool
  • LEDs tend to last a long time
  • LEDs use less energy than traditional bulbs (e.g., incandescent, tungsten) and are therefore more environmentally friendly
  • Many LEDs offer continuous lighting (not just short bursts of light)
  • Prices on LEDs have been going down each year; they’re becoming more affordable

So, let’s do a resource round-up of some of the top LED lights for photographers, videographers and gaffers available on the market now:

(in no particular order)

  1. Quasar Science LED Lamp/Light Bar
  2. Neewer LED Ring Light
  3. Aputure Amaran 100d LED Light
  4. RaLeno LED Soft Light Panel
  5. Emart LED Portable Lighting Kit
  6. VILTROX LED Lighting Kit
  7. LED Light Great Video Maker (GVM)
  8. Slow Dolphin LED Ring Light Strip
  9. Fovitec Portable 2-Light LED Kit
  10. Rotolight Continuous Location LED Light


Quasar Science LED Lamp/Light Bar | best color spectrum LED light

Quasar Science LED LampQuasar Science, formed in 2013, is a California-based company that has already gained a solid reputation for manufacturing LED lights that are motion picture compatible. These lights have unique form factors and impressive color spectrums. One of their most popular products is the Quasar Science Q-LED T8 120V Dimmable Lamp. [Amazon Affiliate Link]

Created with the professional lighting technician/gaffer in mind, Quasar continues to design advanced lighting instruments for the film, TV and photographic industries.

Neewer LED Ring Light | best LED ring lights

Neewer LED Ring LightThe Neewer Ring Light Kit [Amazon Affiliate Link] has received good reviews on Amazon and consists of an LED ring light, a light stand (made of solid metal), a smartphone holder (compatible with most iPhones and Androids), a power adapter, a hot shoe adapter, a filter and a carrying bag for the ring light. This is a good amount of gear for a relatively low price.

This LED ring light has high color rendering, so it is capable of bringing out the most natural skin tones, which is of course ideal for portrait photography. Color temperature is adjustable from 3200K to 5600K.

Aputure Amaran 100d LED Light | best ultra bright LED light

Aputure Amaran 100d LED LightThe Amaran 100d [Amazon Affiliate Link] is a daylight point-source LED fixture with strong brightness and wireless Bluetooth app control. The 100d is a versatile light suitable for content creation, interviews, portrait photography and video production.

This light has ultra bright output: the Amaran 100d uses its 100W LED output to create an equivalent to a 750W tungsten light. It also offers dimming control from 0% to 100%.

Scoring a 95+ (out of 100) on the Television Lighting Consistency Index, this Amaran light is capable of illuminating beautiful colors on every shoot.

RaLeno LED Soft Light Panel | best soft light LED

RaLeno LED Soft Light PanelThe RaLeno LED Soft Light Panel [Amazon Affiliate Link] is more of a video light; its color temperature is adjustable from 3200K to 5600K. The product has backlight technology that is designed to distribute illumination to make the light softer.

This LED light has a built-in battery yet is still lightweight and portable. This light can be used for various professional shooting occasions, such as wedding, portrait and product photography.

Included in this kit: LED light, hot shoe mount, battery charger, user manual.

Emart LED Portable Lighting Kit | best continuous lighting LED

Emart LED Portable Lighting KitThe Emart LED Continuous Portable Lighting Kit [Amazon Affiliate Link] is an ideal continuous lighting solution for photography, providing multiple shooting solutions.

This Emart LED light is capable of increasing the brightness of light by more than 50% compared to other, USB-powered models.

The light’s color temperature (3300K to 5500K) allows for quick, professional images; the light offers a perfect daylight temperature for professional images. The light’s stereoscopic heat holes, on all four sides, effectively dissipate heat.

VILTROX LED Lighting Kit | best LED light for product photography

VILTROX LED Lighting KitThe VILTROX LED Video Lighting Kit [Amazon Affiliate Link] is great for both video and photography studio work. This LED light has a stable, adjustable color temperature of 3300K to ~5600K and has dual power options: AC/DC adapter (included) or Li-ion battery (not included).

This kit comes with two lights, a light stand, two adapters, two soft diffusion plates, two lamp brackets, a wireless remote control and an equipment bag. The LED light is portable, lightweight and comes with an adjustable stand that is also light yet strong.

This LED light is ideal for providing a lighting supplement when taking close-ups of objects such as products, highlighting the perfect visual effect.

Great Video Maker (GVM) | best bi-color LED lights

Great Video Maker (GVM)This LED Light from GVM Great Video Maker [Amazon Affiliate Link] is a bi-color light (3200K to 5600K and brightness from 10% to 100%) that is capable of providing real and vivid picture effects.

This light has excellent heat dissipation with a built-in silent fan cooling system, so it should hold up well even in complex shooting environments. The light comes with a power cord, tripod, lantern softbox, carrying bag and focus reflector. The included softbox produces a pleasing, uniform soft light.

The light can be controlled remotely using the GVM Easily mobile app (Android).

Slow Dolphin LED Ring Light Strip | best small-scale photography LED light

Slow Dolphin LED Ring Light StripThe Slow Dolphin LED Ring Light Strip [Amazon Affiliate Link] is another LED ring light that has good reviews on Amazon; this one has a color temperature of 3200K warm light to 6500K white light.

The light has dimming controls from 1% to 100%. This ring light is especially suitable for shooting small products such as scaled models, food, jewelry, watches, gadgets and other items.

The light comes with USB cables, a nylon cloth shooting tent, a carrying bag, a manual and six backgrounds (black, white, green, red, orange and blue).

Fovitec Portable 2-Light LED Kit | best LED lights indie filmmaking

Fovitec Portable 2-Light LED KitThe Fovitec Portable 2-Light LED Kit [Amazon Affiliate Link] would also be a good choice for both photographers and videographers. Founded in 2012, California-based Fovitec manufactures their lights specifically with product photography and indie filmmaking in mind.

This kit contains two bi-color panels, two 8'3" stands, two barn doors, four light filters, two AC adapters and two bags. These lights are ideal for large-scale video production: green screens and location sets.

Color temp of lights: 3200-5600K. The dimming control is from 0% to 100%, continuous.

Rotolight Continuous Location LED Light | best lightweight LED lights

The Continuous Location LED Light [Amazon Affiliate Link] from the UK-based manufacturer Rotolight is a powerful, ultra-portable, bi-color LED that brings tremendous versatility to any shoot.

Rotolight Continuous Location LED Light

Designed for portrait and location photographers and videographers on the move, this light has a unique “ultra thin” design and is therefore very lightweight (about three lbs.)

Color temperature: 3150K to 6300K, bi-color. The light’s continuous High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) provides a powerful color temperature adjustable flash, at 250% of the maximum continuous light output for traditional photographic workflows.

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