Call Sheets Help Reduce Film Production Insurance Costs

Posted by David Hamilton on Nov 14, 2012 5:44:00 PM

DAILY CALL SHEETS in film production

Daily call sheet

Daily Call Sheets are a useful way to alert cast and crew to potential hazards for that day’s shooting schedule, and to inform them about which safety precautions they might need to take. Film insurance underwriters appreciate the risk management component of a call sheet and take this protocol into consideration when assessing the film insurance risk of a film production.

The following should be included on Call Sheets:

  • Scheduled stunts
  • Any special effects that will be used
  • Potential hazards specific to the location
  • Any required personal protective clothing/PPE and how workers can get it
  • The name, contact number, and location of the first aid attendant
  • The location of the first aid kit [Amazon Affiliate Link] or facility
  • The location of the nearest hospital or emergency facility
  • Any other health and safety concerns that the cast and crew need to be aware of

Safety guidelines should be attached to call sheets, i.e., if any special effects are to be used on the set, then a safety guideline should be attached specific to the type of special effects that will used. E.g., if you are shooting near a thoroughfare with lots of traffic, it may be useful to add notes about this on the call sheet. What are the weather conditions like? Will the crew require special footwear or clothing for extreme temperature? What about sunscreen [Amazon Affiliate Link] or hydration requirements?

Along this line of thought: it is important to include information such as the nearest hospital, along with any other emergency numbers that are specific to your location.

Other film & TV set safety considerations:

Putting up safety posters [Amazon Affiliate Link] in common areas around the set as a reminder to pay attention to hazards around the workplace and certain locations, e.g., Aerial filming.

A specialized film insurance broker is best able to present the risks associated with your film production to the film insurance underwriter to ensure you receive the best coverage and premium for your production.

Front Row Insurance Brokers are specialized Film Insurance Brokers. Please call us if you have any questions.

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