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Let’s do a resource round-up of some of the best photography magazines out there now! We’ve compiled a diverse list of Canada, US, UK and international photography magazines for your perusal.

(in no particular order)

  1. Gallerie from the PPOC
  2. PHOTONews Magazine
  3. AAP Magazine
  4. Canadian Camera Magazine
  5. PhotoED Magazine
  6. Prefix Photo
  7. Professional Photo Magazine (UK)
  8. Professional Photographer Magazine (US)
  9. Aperture Magazine
  10. Click photo magazine
  11. Black & White
  12. Shutter Magazine
  13. Digital Photo Pro Magazine
  14. Foam Magazine
  15. Blind Spot
  16. TPc Magazine
  17. Landscape Photography Magazine
  18. Artdoc Photography Magazine
  19. Eyeshot Magazine
  20. EXIT Magazine


Gallerie | PPOC photography magazine


Gallerie is the official magazine of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), billed by the PPOC as “Canada's Premier Magazine for Professional Photographers”.

Gallerie is also available in a French edition.


PHOTONews Magazine | Canadian photo magazine


PHOTONews Magazine is based out of Canada and has a print edition. This magazine provides Canadian photographers with a forum for the presentation of their work and serves as a reference guide to equipment and techniques that will open new avenues for creative expression.

100,000 Canadian photographers receive PHOTONews three times per year (March, June, November).

All About Photo (AAP) Magazine


Since its creation in 2013, All About Photo presents an international perspective on contemporary photography, with an eye toward beauty, artistic significance and quality.

Each monthly edition of AAP Magazine, in print and online, focuses on a theme, such as black and white photography, street photography and travel photography.


Canadian Camera | CAPA photography magazine


Canadian Camera is the quarterly magazine of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA).

The magazine is published in both print and digital and is a member benefit of being part of CAPA.

The magazine’s articles feature excellent photography and each issue focuses on a theme. Photography clubs throughout Canada get special attention.


PhotoED Magazine | Toronto photography magazine


PhotoED Magazine, available in print and digital, is the last independently published photography magazine left in Canada.

Past issues have focused on various photographic themes, including black & white photography, portraiture, documentary photography, studio work and landscape photography.

PhotoED also has a 128-page Guide to Photography that should be of interest to both new and established photographers.


Prefix Photo | art photography magazine


Each issue of Prefix Photo presents the work of emerging and established photographers and analyzes the ideas, issues and contexts that inform the reception of their work.

The magazine was founded in 1999 by a Canadian art creator and is published twice annually, in May and November, by the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art in Toronto.


Professional Photo | top photography magazines


Professional Photo Magazine is based out of the UK and they consistently publish content that can be useful to professional photographers across the globe.

Available in both print and digital, each issue offers interesting features, superb photographs, essential advice and authoritative buying information.

Past issues have focused on various photographic themes, including wedding photography, animal photography, fashion photography and low light photography.


Professional Photographer | best photography magazines


Not to be confused with the similarly named Professional Photo Magazine out of the UK, Professional Photographer is a different magazine based out of the US.

Professional Photographer has both digital and paper editions and they offer subscription models.

The magazine has done profiles on various well known photographers (mostly American), including Jen Bertrand, Andy Anderson, Arica Dorff and Wade McKoy.


Aperture Magazine | NYC photography magazine


Aperture Magazine, based out of New York, is available in both print and digital. This magazine is about connecting “the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other.”

Aperture Magazine was founded in 1952 and is published four times a year: in spring, summer, fall and winter. It features photographs by established and emerging photographers, as well as artists experimenting with photo-related media.


Click | modern photography magazine


Click is billed as “a photography magazine for the modern photographer” and contains photo inspiration, artistic insights, pro tips, gear recommendations and more.

Available in print and digital, Click features award-winning photography and practical education.

Click has an ongoing photo contest, with each winner to be featured in the print edition.


Black & White | best b&w photography magazine


Black & White is a great magazine for connoisseurs and collectors of black and white fine-art photography. While black and white photography is often thought of as a medium of the past, recent years have drawn more enthusiasts into its community.

Founded in 1999 by Ross Periodicals in California.


Shutter Magazine | popular photography magazines


Shutter Magazine, based out of Illinois, is one of the leading professional photo mags.

The digital version is available for free and an elite membership is offered with access to additional benefits, such as webinars, templates and tickets to photography events.


Digital Photo Pro | best photo magazines


Digital Photo Pro is a leading magazine with new ways of seeing for professional photographers, highlighting innovative concepts in still and motion image capture, in-depth equipment reviews, business and legal insights and the latest advances in photography.

Digital Photo Pro covers the convergence of photo and video, with a focus on DSLRs.


Foam | best international photography magazine


Foam Magazine, based out of Amsterdam, is a photography magazine published three times a year around a specific theme.

Foam serves as a platform for all kinds of photography: from documentary to fashion and contemporary to historic, featuring both world-renowned photographers and emerging talent.

Available in both print and digital editions.


Blind Spot | best photography art journal


Blind Spot, based out of New York, is a magazine/art journal with a focus on photography. The magazine creates unique opportunities for living artists to present significant new photographic work.

Launched in 1993, Blind Spot has featured the work of over 300 acclaimed photographers, including Uta Barth, Gregory Crewdson, Tim Davis and Rineke Dijkstra.

Available in print only.


TPc Magazine | Toronto art and street photography


TPc Magazine, based out of Toronto, features inspiring photography from both up-and-coming and established photographers.

Available in print only.


Landscape Photography Magazine


Landscape Photography Magazine, founded in 2011 by photographer Dimitri Vasileiou, proudly claims the title of “the leading online landscape photography magazine”.

This magazine is published monthly and is packed with fresh content, exciting features and stunning imagery from around the world. Available in digital only.


Artdoc Magazine


Artdoc is an international online magazine dedicated to the world of photography, featuring portfolios and interviews with photographers from around the world.

Artdoc is a hub for all photographers and any person interested in photography.


Eyeshot | street photography mags


Eyeshot Magazine is focused on street photography.

Each issue of Eyeshot explores the world with new issues based on a specific theme: cities of the world.

Available in print only.




EXIT is a magazine from the UK that was co-founded in 2000 by editor/photographer Stephen Toner and art director Mark Jubber.

Photographers who have produced work for EXIT include Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson. Published biannually in print.


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