On Set Headsets: Walkie-talkie Headsets and Earpieces for Filmmaking

Posted by Matthew Tingey on Feb 24, 2021 7:48:33 AM

On Set Headsets: Walkie-talkie Headsets and Earpieces for Filmmaking

On Set Headsets

Guest blog post by On Set Headsets

Whether you are a first-time production assistant or a veteran filmmaker, you will have to become familiar with walkie-talkies. Communication is a major component of filmmaking and this is normally done through a walkie-talkie that each crewmember is given at the beginning of the shoot.

Then comes a decision that could possibly affect the rest of your career: do you take the old production supplied drive-thru headset that has probably been used since When Harry Met Sally (1989)? Alternatively, did you come prepared with your own brand-new surveillance headset from On Set Headsets?

Thankfully, On Set Headsets has all the gear you need to make the right decision.

On Set Headsets is the #1 choice for surveillance earpieces in Hollywood. From the snowy mountains in Vancouver to the jungles of Hawaii, our products have been holding up wherever film crews go. For the travelling crewmember, here’s a look at some of our featured products:

FilmPro X | Motorola Walkie-talkie Headset

Designed in-house, the new FilmPro X [pictured above] allows the user to listen to their walkie-talkie and Comtek [device used to listen to actors’ mics] at the same time.

Our specially designed FilmPro X (short for ‘cross’) eliminates the need to wear a separate earpiece for your Comtek, as it crosses both wires into one.

Perfect for ADs and ACs who need to listen-in on the action, the FilmPro X will make sure you hear what you need to, when you need to. To protect your investment, we also throw in a free travel case as well as offer a Lifetime Warranty on the FilmPro X, so you can breathe easy and stay focused on your work.

The Shorty | Walkie-talkie Shortened Headset for Chest Rigs

Onsetheadsets ShortyPossibly the most anticipated product that we have for 2021 is the Shorty, a headset we make specifically for chest pack users.

Taken from the same design as our most popular headset, the FilmPro, the Shorty is just a shortened version so that it fits perfectly in chest packs. No more “rat’s nest” of cables in your chest pack with the Shorty!

Tubeez | Threaded Walkie-talkie Earpiece

Add a little spice to your set wear with your own custom Tubeez, an acoustic tube that comes in different styles and colours. Once Tubeez hit the market in 2019, they have been on fire. Borrowing from the same technology that scuba divers use to wrap their cables, we “wrap” acoustic tubes with a soft nylon fabric.

Onsetheadsets TubeezThis makes what used to be a cold, hard, plastic tube into a soft and comfortable earpiece that you can wear all day long. In 2021, we are excited to introduce four brand-new Tubeez colours – Gold Fleek, Indigo Purple, Totally Teal and Turquoise Turtle. Standby in style with a Tubeez!

As always, your headset is only as good as our assurance. That is why we offer a 1-Year Guarantee on all our headsets. And whenever we need film insurance, we go to our friends at Front Row Insurance!

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About On Set Headsets:

On Set Headsets is a Vancouver-based company that is dedicated to providing the local and international film industry with high quality film gear. Founded by a filmmaker for filmmakers, On Set Headsets is consistently rated at the top of the surveillance earpiece market. Our products can be found in over 14 cities spanning across four countries through our exclusive distributors. Whenever you’re on a set, just take a look at the crew and you will most likely see them using our products. When you need headsets on set, call On Set Headsets.

About Front Row:

Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. is an independent insurance broker that specializes in the entertainment industry – specifically, the film and photography industries. Front Row works hard to provide insurance protection for a very low cost. Should a claim occur, Front Row works diligently with clients and insurers to expedite the payment of claims. Offices in: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, NY, Nashville and LA.

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Images in this guest blog post were provided with permission from On Set Headsets