Cleaning & Sanitization with Safety Monitors, Foggers and UV-C Light

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Guest blog post by Fusion UV-Clean

UV-Clean is a specialized division of Fusion Cine, a national sales and rentals company supplying high-end cinema and broadcast equipment (i.e., ARRI, Angénieux, Fujifilm, RED, Sony, Zeiss, etc.) to the film and television sector.

We combined equipment sanitization processes with Canadian and international health and safety guidelines to create safe and efficient sanitization workflows to help film & TV productions get back to work in this “new normal.”

In order to serve this growing need for thorough sanitization, we have broadened our scope of service beyond film & television to customers in corporate, retail, industrial, government, education, and houses of worship.

What can Fusion UV-Clean do for you?

Fusion UV-Clean provides, deploys, and integrates medical grade cleaning and sanitization products that create an additional line of health and safety to even the most sensitive of work and study locations.

Available products and packages include:

  • Facial recognition monitors to control both access and temperature detection
  • UV-C germicidal irradiation technology
  • Fogging with non-corrosive agents that cause no harm to the environment and clean the air and sanitize surfaces to ensure an environment free of germs

What Fusion UV-Clean offers:

We offer germicidal solutions, product bundles and workflows that will save you time, money and help provide worksite safety tools that meet and exceed WHO and CDC guidelines.

Read on to find out what solution is best for your specific needs.

Facial recognition Access Control & Temperature detection

FACT Health and Safety MonitorAvailable in 7” and 8” monitors (with the 8” being waterproof), the FACT Health and Safety Monitor system allows businesses to monitor a person’s temperature and control who has been approved to enter a facility based on registered face recognition.

Each device has a no-contact automatic body temperature detector with a measurement range between 30-45 degrees Celsius.

The unique facial recognition algorithm allows you to register and record pre-uploaded temperature information for crew and/or staff.

The product can also be integrated to control access to doors and/or gates where individuals have been approved to go (if their temperature is within a normal range.)

Key FACT Health and Safety Monitor Benefits

  • Safety control over facility
  • Straightforward cataloguing of individuals
  • Affordable

Fogging – what is it?

Fogging is an efficient way to disinfect both indoor and outdoor objects, surfaces, and areas to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria.

Foggers create a small particle, between 0-50 microns, whereas traditional squeeze or pressure sprayers have a particle size of around 250 microns.

When you sanitize with a fogger, you are forming a canopy that moves through the air and slowly descends below surfaces and objects. Because the particles are so small, many of them are picked up by the airflow within a room, allowing the particles to travel further, ultimately carrying the disinfect solution to areas that are often hard to reach.

These particles not only disinfect the surfaces they touch or land on but also disinfect the air within the spray area.

Key Fogging Benefits

  • Disinfecting with a fogger eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Small particles reach areas that may not be cleaned with traditional techniques
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Cost effective
  • Non-corrosive
  • Little to no waste implications
  • Effective and long lasting
  • Requires little effort from user

Fogging Safety

Fogging safety is primarily about the disinfectant solution that is used. UV-Clean has tested both water-based ammonium chloride and water-based sodium chloride and both have been proven safe to spray without the use of any personal protective equipment (PPE).

Fogging machines are safe to use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Again, no PPE is required, but some operators may request ear protection because many of the machines are loud when turned on.

UV-C Light – How does it work?

When UV-C light is shined on bacteria and other pathogens, it can destroy their ability to multiply, ultimately killing them.

The effectiveness of UV-C disinfection can vary based on a few factors, including:

  • Length of exposure to bacteria
  • Intensity of the radiation
  • Microorganism’s resistance to the radiation

Length of exposure is based on the size of the area or surface that you wish to disinfect. Larger areas require more radiation and longer exposure times to ensure all objects and surfaces are hit with the light. Often, objects within the area will need to be turned or placed upside down to ensure all areas have been hit with the light and are properly disinfected.

It is ideal to deliver multiple passes of light exposure in order to ensure that bacteria with a bit more resistance will be destroyed.

The object or surface that requires disinfecting must be exposed to direct light from the UV-C fixture or bulb to disinfect properly. Anything blocking the light – including shadows – will lessen the intensity of the light.

Key UV-C Light Benefits

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extremely effective
  • Kills pathogens without immunity
  • Medical grade technology
  • Safe on electronics
  • Has been used to clean water and air for 40+ years

UV-C Light Safety

UV-C light should always be handled with care, as prolonged direct exposure can be harmful to skin and eyes. Wearing proper protective eyewear and clothing that does not expose any skin is highly recommended to ensure the safety of the operator.


About: Fusion UV-Clean offers health & safety and germicidal solutions and workflows that save you time and money and provide worksite safety tools that meet and exceed WHO and CDC guidelines. Your team and assets’ health and safety are our priority.




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