Earthquakes and Film Production: Know the Risks and be Prepared

Posted by David Hamilton on Oct 22, 2012 6:38:00 PM

What would happen to your film production if IT were shaken by a violent earthquake?

There are various measures you can undertake to minimize damage so that you can continue to film as soon as possible:

  • Staff and crew should be shown how to turn off the water and electricity in the office and on set, with on/off positions clearly labeled.
  • Water heaters should be secured to wall studs or masonry: ask your landlord to do thi.
  • Secure all major appliances/electronics to walls, including expensive or fragile items that if damaged, would be a significant loss.
  • Secure top-heavy set furniture to walls with heavier items kept on lower shelves.
  • Put anti skid pads under tv’s, computers, and other related camera equipment
  • Keep flammable items and other chemicals used on set away from heat and where they are less likely to spill.
  • For mobile trailers on set, leave the wheels on or use a structural bracing system that can reduce the chance of the unit falling off it’s support.
  • Ensure that sufficient emergency kits are located around the office/on set, and designated staff and crew know where to access them.

Discuss earthquake coverage with your film insurance broker to ensure that your production will have the financial ability to recover losses after an earthquake. Ask your broker is your Film Production insurance included coverage for earthquake.

Front Row is experienced with insuring Film Productions against earthquakes: ask us how.

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