Film Production Insurance & Mechanical Devices on Set

Posted by David Hamilton on Dec 10, 2012 9:42:00 AM


Mechanical device film setImage source: Shutterstock

If a mechanical device or an articulated set is used in a production, the film insurance cost can be minimized if the production company ensures that:

  1. The device or set is capable of safely performing the functions for which it is used
  2. Workers operate the device or set in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, safe work practices, and the requirements of the regulation
  3. The device or set is properly inspected, tested or maintained

If a production company requires that a mechanical device or articulated set be created for a production, the production company is considered the supplier of that device or set. As a supplier, the production company must provide directions for the safe use of the device or set and must ensure that the device or set is safe when used as specified. Such directions could be developed in consultation with a qualified person such as a professional engineer.

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The above information is  based on WorkSafe – Focus on Safety – Safe Work Practices for Film and Television Production in B.C. (2001 edition)