Posted by David Hamilton on Jan 6, 2010 10:29:00 AM

What we Need to Quote for Feature Productions, TV Series, Specials, Movies-of-the-week

  1. Name of the production company
  2. Address
  3. Phone and E-Mail
  4. Name of the Director, Producer, Line Producer
  5. Synopsis and script
  6. Name of the top two financiers
  7. Dates of Principle Photography
  8. Copy of full budget
  9. Location of filming
  10. Information on any Stunts or Hazardous Activities. Underwriter will require resume of each Stunt Coordinator / Pyrotechnician / Wrangler
  11. Are you shooting Film or Tape / Digital Video?
    • If film, what lab are you using? – give lab name and address
    • Film size, i.e. 16mm, 35mm, etc.
    • What type of cameras will you be using?
    • How are you getting the negative to the lab?
  12. Provide the name and address of the Bond Company
  13. Cast Coverage – are any members of the cast considered an Essential Element?
  14. Name of Distributor or Broadcaster

Call with any questions.

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