Film Production Insurance and Watercraft: Don't hit a Rock

Posted by David Hamilton on Feb 17, 2010 6:25:00 PM

Filming on boat


Film insurance coverage with respect to the use of watercraft is limited for Feature films, TV series, Documentaries, Webisodes, commercials, etc. The film production company should always advise your entertainment insurance broker well in advance of the anticipated use of any watercraft. You should never sign a contract with respect to the use of any watercraft without first having our office review the document.

If the watercraft is being used as a prop/set and is not in motion, then damage to the watercraft itself would be provided under the Props/Sets/Wardrobe coverage. If the watercraft is in motion, then there is a sub-limit for physical damage to the watercraft. Please call our office for more specific information.

Liability coverage is provided under the Commercial General Liability policy but is limited to non-owned watercraft less than 26 feet in length (length varies by insurance company). If the watercraft is in excess of this length limitation, or if you are required to indemnify the watercraft owner, then specific coverage arrangements must be made prior to the use of the vessel.

If you plan to use any watercraft, please provide the following information so we may provide a quote/coverage for owned or rented watercraft used in the production, including Charter's Liability; Protection & Indemnity coverage; Hull Physical Damage.

Watercraft Insurance Questionnaire

Please provide:

  1. Watercraft scenes description(s)
  2. Number of vessels
  3. Length and name of each vessel
  4. Type of watercraft
  5. Number of days each used
  6. Dates of use
  7. Where used (which body of water)
  8. Copy of any contractual agreement
  9. Are any watercraft operated by the Name Insured? If so, please give a detailed description of the boat and where operated.
  10. Are any watercraft stunts involved? If so, please describe.

You can achieve peace of mind when filming with watercraft with a little preparation.

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