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Posted by Lynne Godfroy on Aug 15, 2018 5:38:55 PM

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3 Business Tips on How to Start a Dance Studio

So you’ve danced all your life and the time has come to share your passion and insight.  The path for many is to open a dance studio, but how does one turn that passion into a successful business?

  1. Should be to find out about your prospective clients. The web is full of links for parents looking for the best dance school for their kids. Read up on what is important to them. A quick search will reveal they often want a variety of dance styles and teachers to match their child’s interests and needs. They want a timetable that is convenient for their busy lives and qualified teachers that can provide a high level of instruction. If you can provide all that, think about whether or not you will you be able to hire instructors that can build levels of expertise, creating a core group of returning students each term. Consider focusing on small children that will grow with you.

  2. Defines your ability to pay yourself. Get advice on how to structure a business plan. That will help you sort out your expenses and determine if renting a studio makes sense at first. Identify your renovation costs and your fixed costs like utilities, rent, and specialty dance insurance coverage, like Protégé, that will protect you and your business from claims of injury, abuse, or property damage. It’s a small cost, but can make the world of difference for a small business owner who has been threatened by a suit and wouldn’t ordinarily have the means to defend.

  3. Reminds you to invest in yourself. You are the best representative for your own studio, so don’t get so bogged down in administration that you forget your passion. Keep dancing! And don’t be afraid to ask for advice.  The Facebook group, Dance Coaches & Teachers Unite, has several thousand members who trade tips and conversations about dance, as do the members of The Dance Teachers Network, also on Facebook.

Let’s keep dance alive!