How a Specialized Film Insurance Broker can help your Production

Posted by David Hamilton on Apr 10, 2012 5:54:00 PM

A  film insurance broker helps identify the risks associated with your film production, TV series, Documentary, Webisode, Music Video ect.

Film InsuranceOnce the risks are identified, the risk can be transferred to an insurance company for a fee or premium. The film insurance broker negotiates the lowest possible premium and the broadest coverage available in the market place. In Canada, there are four film insurance companies: Chubb, Fireman’s Fund, Premiere and Travelers. Front Row is able to provide you with a quote from each of these companies in an easy to understand comparison format.

Unlike insurance agents - who work for the insurance company -  Insurance Brokers work for the client. Insurance brokers are recognized by law as experts in insurance. Insurance Brokers in Canada must pass a series of exams in order to be licensed and there is annual continuing education to maintain a license. Make sure your broker is licensed in the province that you are shooting your production or the production could be fined or subject to a surtax.

Insurance Brokers owe a higher duty of care to their clients than an Insurance Agent. Brokers represent the interests of their clients, not the insurance companies. They offer professional advice in arranging insurance on behalf of their clients.

Since insurance brokers are considered under the law as professionals, they are responsible for their actions and can be sued for professional negligence if their advice is deemed to be faulty. All licensed brokers therefore need to carry professional Errors and Omissions coverage. You should ask your broker the limit of E&O insurance that they cover:  $1,000,000 may not be enough once defense costs are deducted from the limit.

The many roles of a broker include: 

  • Negotiate with the insurance companies on behalf of clients. There are four insurance companies in Canada: an Insurance broker must be familiar with what these companies offer so that the best price and coverage is procured for the producer.
  • Brokers facilitate claims - Because the broker works on behalf of the client, it is their duty to ensure that insurance companies pay the full amount of the claim that the client is entitled to.
  • The broker acts as a conduit for communication between the insurance company and the client. This includes providing certificates for banks, bonding companies and locations to evidence coverage allowing banks to release funds to the client, locations to be locked by the location manager and equipment to be rented.
  • Advise clients on ways to limit potential liabilities during production.
  • Review scope of the client's existing insurance policies to reveal gaps or deficiencies in the coverage.
  • Comprehensive examination of the clients production to assess the amount and type of insurance required. A broker will also help the client understand what coverage they have and do not have and they can explain any limits to the coverage.

It is important to deal with a broker that understands the specific language shown on Film Production Policies. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that you seek out a specialized Film Insurance Broker when you need insurance for your production.

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4 Reasons YOUR Film Festival Should Carry Insurance

Posted by Mike Groner on Apr 2, 2012 3:30:00 PM

At Front Row Entertainment Insurance we have worked hard to create an exclusive Film Festival Insurance program designed to provide the most comprehensive Insurance coverage for your event.

Why you need it?

  1. Most venues require that you carry Liability Insurance. This coverage protects you, the Festival organizer against claims of bodily injury and property damage arising out of your film festival operations. Even if it’s not a requirement of the venue, you may be held liable for any claims to arise as a result of your event! This coverage can also be extended to cover Workshops and Panel discussions.Film Festival Insurance
  2. Are you having a host bar or throwing an after party? Including Liquor Liability coverage will provide the necessary protection if you are sued or brought into a lawsuit due to a liquor-related incident.
  3. Are you renting Equipment or Movie Props/Costumes? All vendors will require that you insure their gear up to the full replacement value. By including this coverage, you will be able to provide the necessary certificates of insurance so the rental houses will release the equipment.
  4. What if you had to cancel your event due to weather, a disease outbreak, strikes and civil unrest? Event Cancellation Insurance can be arranged to protect the costs, expenses and revenues associated with an event

About: Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. is an independent insurance broker that provides cyber and office insurance for the lowest possible cost in addition to arranging custom policies for the entertainment industry. Should a claim occur, Front Row ensures that their clients receive the money they are owed per the insurance policy, as quickly as possible. Front Row has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal,  Halifax, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Colorado

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8 Ways To Save Money When Insuring Stunts & SPFX

Posted by David Hamilton on Apr 2, 2012 1:31:00 PM
  1. Hire an experienced coordinator with a lengthy résumé. This is the most important step you can take to reduce your insurance costs.

  2. Close the set to public and guests.

  3. Use stunt actors, instead of your actors.

  4. Provide a diagram showing where the equipment and crew will be located relative to the action. Place equipment and crew a safe distances from the action.

  5. Use long lenses on camera, sandbags, and Lexon shields if possible to protect the filming equipment.

  6. Provide a full description of stunt & SPFX including script pages.

  7. Describe safety measures on set: fire extinguishers, sand, fireman/policeman, first aid, ect

  8. Underwriters charge when they are anxious or uncomfortable when reviewing a stunt or SPFX. Give the Underwriter enough information to make them comfortable and you will minimize the premium charges for your stunts & special effects.

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