8 Ways To Save Money When Insuring Stunts & SPFX

Posted by David Hamilton on Apr 2, 2012 1:31:00 PM


Stunts on film sets

  • Hire an experienced coordinator with a lengthy résumé. This is the most important step you can take to reduce your insurance costs.
  • Close the set to public and guests.
  • Use stunt actors, instead of your "real" actors.
  • Provide a diagram showing where the equipment and crew will be located relative to the action. Place equipment and crew at safe distances from the action.
  • Use long lenses on cameras, sandbags [Amazon Affiliate Link], and LEXAN or plexiglass shields [Amazon Affiliate Link] if possible to protect the filming equipment.
  • Provide a full description of stunts & SPFX, including script pages.
  • Describe safety measures on set: fire extinguishers, sand, fireman/policeman, first aid kits [Amazon Affiliate Link], etc.
  • Underwriters charge when they are anxious or uncomfortable when reviewing a stunt or SPFX. Give the underwriter enough information to make them comfortable and you will minimize the premium charges for your stunts & special effects.

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