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Posted by David Hamilton on Nov 22, 2012 4:32:00 PM

Filming on boat

Film Set Guidelines - watercraft use

Use boats safely to protect your cast and crew during your film production. The following suggestions will result in the best film insurance premium with the deductible:  

  1. Follow all boating regulations

  2. Ensure that the operator knows how to operate the boat competently and safely

  3. Make sure that the boat is seaworthy

  4. Know the boat’s load capacity, do not overload the boat

  5. Allow only essential cast and crew members on the boat (all others should remain on land)

  6. Do not smoke on board. Fire at sea is a serious potential hazard

On the Boat - Guidelines

  1. Put equipment and tools in their place and use straps to secure tripods and other filming gear

  2. Secure hatch covers so they will not slide or shift

  3. Keep passageways clear and do not block emergency exits

  4. Keep the deck clear of potential slipping and tripping hazards

Boats that are tied to the dock during filming and are not on the water under their own power will be covered under props/sets/wardrobes coverage on the entertainment package insurance policy. Talk to your film insurance broker if the boat is under power.  

Have backups in place so you will be ready if anything goes wrong during filming.  

Emergency Backups re: Watercraft

  1. A reliable communication system

  2. Safety lines, nets, observers, or divers for filming in rivers or other bodies of water where potentially hazardous conditions exist (e.g., swift currents, thick underwater plant life, or rocks)

  3. Stationing emergency rescue workers downstream of having a safety boat nearby

  4. A specialized film insurance broker is best able to present the risks associated with your film production to the film insurance underwriter to ensure that you receive the best coverage and premium for your production

Front Row Insurance Brokers are specialized Film Insurance Brokers. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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