Reducing The Cost to Insure Film Equipment

Posted by David Hamilton on Mar 21, 2010 3:22:00 PM


REDUCING THE COST TO INSURE FILM EQUIPMENTIt would seem to be obvious that one of the simplest ways to lower the cost to insure film equipment insurance costs is to assure the insurance company that the film gear is safe and secure in your possession: but what does this mean?

As Specialized Film Insurance Brokers, we represent you to the insurance company to ensure that you receive the best premium and coverage available in the marketplace to insure your gear whether you are an owner/operator supplying gear or a producer renting gear for a feature, TV Series, Documentary or short.

Every film production equipment insurance application will ask how the gear used on the production will be protected. The underwriters charge for discomfort so give them good detailed answers that make them comfortable.

Good film project underwriting information:

  1. Warranting that you will have a bonded security guard watch the gear overnight if you are shooting on location.
  2. If you do not hire a security guard, pack your gear back into the truck(s) and park it in a secure compound overnight such as a tow truck yard. They often have excellent security: fenced and floodlit, manned 24/7 and dogs!
  3. Return your gear to the equipment rental house so you are not responsible overnight.
  4. Cable your gear that is not being used when shooting on the streets in a busy urban area.
  5. Have a sign-out protocol that allows you to know when gear does not return to the truck. You don't want to find out the day that you return gear to the equipment rental house that you are missing equipment with no idea when it disappeared. "Mysterious disappearance" is not covered - you need to have an idea of the date and time when the equipment was stolen.

Good information based on a little planning will ensure that you receive the best premium.

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