Film Production Offices: 5 Ways to Burglar-Proof

Posted by David Hamilton on Jul 15, 2011 9:56:00 AM

Burglar-proof film office

Burglar-proof film production office

Film Production offices are more frequently robbed during the summer when windows and doors are left open in the summer heat. Thieves usually enter a production office in one of two ways: by forcing entry through a window or door or simply opening an unlocked window or door.

Five ways you can secure your production office:

  1. Rent production space that has new locking windows [Amazon Affiliate Link]: preferably on a second floor or higher.
  2. Ensure all windows and doors are locked overnight and while on set.
  3. Make the office look occupied by: leaving lights on, hiring a security guard, leaving a radio on.
  4. Install a security alarm [Amazon Affiliate Link] and install deadbolts on all doors.
  5. Make sure that everyone in your first production meeting is actually employed by the production. We once had a claim where someone sat through the first production meeting and when everyone broke for coffee, the thief left with several laptops.

Film production insurance policies will cover theft from a production office subject to a deductible: please contact us for more information. We are specialized film insurance brokers at Front Row.

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