Photography Equipment Insurance: You May not be Covered by Homeowners

Posted by David Hamilton on Feb 11, 2016 5:24:50 PM

Photographers: You May not be Covered by YOUR Homeowners POLICY

You arrive back at your car to find the truck pried open and your camera bag  missing. You take out your phone and call your broker to report the claim under the homeowners policy that you purchased. An adjuster is assigned. The claims adjuster does a web search and sees that you have advertised prints for sale. Because you occasionally sell prints, your gear is now considered “commercial” equipment and as such, not covered by your homeowners policy, which is intended to cover “personal” camera gear that is not used for commercial purposes. You tell the adjuster that you only sold a half dozen prints for less than $300 in the last 12 months to a stock agency. The adjuster shrugs, “It doesn’t matter, even if you sell just one print for $5, you are a professional and your gear is considered commercial and is no longer covered under a homeowners policy”.

Photography InsuranceThis is a difficult, pricey lesson that is better learned before there is a loss. Our experience tells us that many professional photographers assume they are covered by their homeowners policy when in fact they are not.

If you sell your prints, check your policy and make sure your coverage is appropriate.

At Front Row, we have created a five minute online insurance solution. Available to Canadian photographers at

The policy term is for 12 months and coverage is provided in most countries worldwide except those subject to trade restrictions.

Rental equipment coverage is also available. All equipment is covered for replacement cost for:  theft, damage, fire and loss of use.

The online program for photographers follows Front Row’s lead earlier this year into online offerings for short term filmmakers and musicians. “We wanted to make the insurance process easier, faster and cheaper for photographers,” said David Hamilton, President of Front Row. “Given that an insurance company underwriter is not involved, the cost to process a camera insurance policy is much less online and we have passed the savings onto the photographer. Although the camera policy is online, we are still available to answer questions by email or over the phone if required."

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