Musical Gear : Insurance and Protection While on Tour

Posted by David Hamilton on Sep 13, 2013 7:46:00 PM

I’m going to give you some tips to protect your instruments and gear when you are on tour. I will also tell you how to insure your gear.

If you are on the road in a van with a trailer or a bus  you have to expect that thieves will assume you have gear worth stealing. Some thieves specifically target touring musicians during load in and load out at particular venues.

Know that your valuable gear is being targeted and take pro active steps to protect it.  Here are some other ideas to keep it  safe:

  1. Tint or paint your windows. Buy blinds. Prevent people from seeing what is inside your vehicle.
  2. Install an alarm.
  3. Sounds simple, but develop a protocol to make sure your vehicle is locked at all times.
  4. Park your vehicle back against a wall whenever possible so it’s harder to get in the back doors.
  5. Park in the underground garage of your hotel rather than the surface lot.
  6. Leave your vehicle at a tow truck yard: they are manned 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. The cost is usually reasonable for the protection provided.
  7. Consider chaining all your gear together in your van so that if the thief does a smash and grab they will not be able to get away quickly.
  8. Finally, make sure your gear is insured.
    Covers: Theft, Breakage, and Fire

    Insure your gear with an insurance broker that specializes in instrument insurance for professionals such as Front Row Insurance Brokers. Most homeowners policies will not insure instruments and gear used professionally so source a policy for professionals.

    Front Row offers instrument insurance 24/7 on line for as little as $20. Get a quote in 30 seconds by clicking the link on screen.

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