Front Row Musical Instrument Policy Launches Online

Posted by David Hamilton on Sep 27, 2013 1:51:00 PM

Musicians receive quotes in 30 seconds & policies in 5 minutes any time of day.

Vancouver, Canada -- September 27, 2013 -- Front Row is pleased to announce a new way for musicians to insure their instruments.

Effective immediately: members of SOCAN, RACS and CCMA (and other music associations) will be able to obtain a quote and a policy for their instruments 24 hours a day-7 days a week by accessing a quote portal created by Front Row especially for musicians. The quote tool has a clean look that is intuitive and simple to use.

What is musical instrument insurance?

Worldwide insurance coverage for instruments and gear can be obtained by answering as few as eight questions online. The musician will receive a PDF policy immediately once they pay with a credit card. Fire, theft, breakage are all covered.

What does musical instrument insurance cost?

There is no minimum premium. To insure $5,000 worth of instruments, the cost is $75 CAD. (subject to change) $10,000 costs $125 CAD. (subject to change) The site can be accessed at

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT POLICY LAUNCHES ONLINE"Our volume with the insurance companies gives us a competitive edge when negotiating coverage, premiums and claims settlements for our musical clients," says David Hamilton, President of Front Row based in Vancouver. " We created this tool based on feedback from musicians that wanted to insure their instruments fast, with a minimum of hassle, at a time of day that suited them. We leveraged the 100,000 plus membership so that the program offers the lowest cost insurance for instruments in North America that we are aware of."

Front Row is an independent broker that works on behalf of musicians to transfer the risks of owning musical gear to insurance companies for a premium charge. Should a claim occur, Front Row ensures that the musician receives the money that they are owed per the insurance policy. Front Row has Canadian offices in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver.

For further information contact: 

David W. Hamilton
President, Front Row
602-1788 W Broadway
Vancouver BC


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